I’ve Had It With PC 💩

I’m of the school of thought where if I think someone is full of beans—lib, con, libertarian whatever—I say Dude! You’re full of beans!

Libs this one is on you guys. The asylum is run by its lunatics.

So my daughter and I have had better luck connecting more recently. And she’s telling me this morning—in relation to our finding out our under two months old kittens are males—that she actually had to miss algebra and chemistry class at the neighborhood public school for a lecture on respecting pronouns. This isn’t a grammar lesson, but respecting a girl’s desire to be referenced as a boy, or a boy wanting to be zee/zir etc.

Teachers are actually asking students their preferred gender pronouns in getting to know their students. :flushed:. There are rainbow pride safe havens available for students who are nowhere near the majority.

We live in a rural area, so most likely this nonsense isn’t originating locally, but from liberal administrators commuting from other towns. Incidentally it doesn’t seem nonwhite Democrats are on board with the Pride movement as we have choice students who live in our county seat, which hosts a number of Caribbean, southeast Asian and black American students. Administrators tried to host that same lecture there, and the students booed and walked out. Good for them!

If the white students in this rural community did that, they’d be suspended for ■■■■/trans/nonbinary whatever phobia, & the administrators know it. So learning that will be necessary in the world outside school gets disrupted for nonsense like the importance of respecting zee/zir.

And this post is coming from someone whose indifferent to individuals wanting a same sex partnership. Why do the desires of a tiny group of people need to be incorporated as school curriculum?

Just don’t be surprised when more immigrants on H1 visas qualify for higher paying technical jobs. They probably have gone through rigorous schooling and not had to be bothered with this foolishness.

In looking at a secular private school, even they’re including non-binary as an option for a prospective student. The lunatics have taken over the asylum, and much as I like various Hannity liberals, I’m sorry, but this Pride/nonbinary nonsense is you guys’ baby.


What the hell is a zee and a zir? Who says that? I’d rather just say nothing.

In the Infantry, SHARP classes happen 10x as often as training for combat.

Because, you know, we need to be told not to rape people, not train for actually winning a war for a change. lol

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Here are zee and zir:

Yep, advanced math and chemistry courses had to be disrupted for babies are no longer either a boy or a girl, but can be gender fluid :roll_eyes:

Civilian work places now include unconscious bias training with ridiculously stupid scenarios like what unconscious bias do you have if you assume an able bodied man unfamiliar with an area is more likely to rob a woman than an elderly woman using a walker?

Do we have an epidemic of robberies being committed by feeble, non ambulatory old women?

The administrators even got kicked out of the asylums and now the next generation is being schooled by its lunatics.

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Is your problem really just that the school is telling people to be respectful of others and not be ■■■■■■■■ to people who identify as trans, nonbinary or whatever?


I did not know you could place a number 2 icon in the title.

Now I do.

The pc appeasement has run its course. It is ruining comedy also.

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I’m not using them. There’s a better chance the Jets win the Super Bowl than me saying that crap. I will use what I’ve always used, or nothing at all if I can’t tell what you are.


i’m seeing more and more people listing their “preferred pronouns” in the email signatures

pure lunacy

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just being “respectful” to everyone is not enough for the left

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i still use maam and sir. unless i cant adequately identify them as either then i say neither

made this mistake on the phone once.


I m pretty sure we are all either he…him…sir, or she…her…or ma’am.

I have no idea who the rest of this binary non binary whatever garbage means.

There are two genders…we are either male or female.

I know…I m a redneck…

But this is the simplest reality in the universe. You are either a guy or a gal, a man or a woman. Full Stop.


Unconscious bias? You mean like racist people trying to manipulate non-racist people into believing they’re suddenly racist?

Sounds very leftist indeed.

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Ha, I’ve done this once or twice.

All PC is, is just being respectful to people. Refer to people by their chosen pronouns, don’t be offensive/rude, etc. Treat people nicely, and how they want to be treated.

To treat everyone with respect?

Absolutely there is no problem with that.

But pulling kids out of class for a lecture on preferred gender pronouns?!

At first I thought it was a typo. But I’ve seen you do it more than once now.

Are you trying to say something by spelling male as make?

Or is it just typos?

Treat everyone with respect? Sorry, if you act like an ■■■■■■■■ you can’t expect me not to treat you like one. You can’t get respect if you give none.

You don’t get to pick your pronouns any more than you get to pick which reproductive parts you’re born with.

To hell with fantasy pronouns. Some people need to just get over their lame stuck up selves. lol


You can even use them in your résumé now!

Thinking Man
The Hannity Forums

He, Him Pronouns

:exploding_head:. I’m all for treatment of people with differences with respect. This business of preferred gender pronouns defies reality, though.

If a man fancies himself a woman, hey, whatever. Just don’t go ballistic upon being misgendered at Game Stop.


Typo, stupid spellcheck on my phone it’s fixed. I always try to go back and check my posts to see what spellcheck changed when I wasn’t looking.