I think understand the Democrats pain of 2016 a bit

Well not to the point of screaming at the sky and making Twitter and YouTube videos screaming bloody murder but I think it’s the margin of victory which makes it sting.

Full disclosure and you can’t look back I never thought Trump was going to win the polls I said to myself they can’t be that far off again can they? So I was prepared that he would get wiped out and that might have been better.

It reminded me (Not the pain but the understanding) of playing a high school basketball game. We where in the regional tournament it wasn’t the championship game. I think we would have had to win two more after this one to get to that then win in order to go state, but I remember we were up by 1 point one of our guys was fouled with 8 seconds (I will always remember that part) on the clock. We all thought for sure we were going to win our coach called a time out then there’s the usual psychology on the free-throw shooter.

Our player shoots the free throw its bounces off the rim, they rebound the guy made a spectacular pass mid court and the opposing teams forward had time to run down and shoot a 12 footer and made it and we lose. That sucked so bad.

We had been blown out before 20-25 points and it we like oh well but something makes it worse when it’s really close, so I guess I know how you guys felt seeing those razor thin margins in 2016.

I think it’s worse when you barely lose than get blown out. So if I say something more retarded or offensive than usual just look over it, I had went to bed the night of the elections seeing nothing but but all red in the rust-belt and woke up and was like wth just happened.

Optically it looked bad and felt worse because we weren’t supposed to win yet we were I remember before going to bed seeing all the betting sites switching to Trump up to an 80% favorite and George Stephanopoulos saying “This feels like 2016”. So try and understand that we thought we were going to lose, we then starting winning, then all these other votes started coming in.

I doubt anyone cheated but will say they need imho to have all the early votes/mailed in counted and tabulated and those are the first votes that should be put on the screen and then count the votes that happened on Election Day. People are not stupid they can send a piece of mail a few weeks before Election Day it doesn’t need to arrive after. I don’t think it’s and outrageous thing to ask so it doesn’t spark suspicion.

Trust me on one thing if it happened on the other side little questions in your mind would be swirling as well, just eliminate that from happening in the future.

It was predicted due to democrats utilizing mail in more than Trump voters. You should have seen it coming.

2020 has really sucked, buck stops where?

Trump didn’t help himself attempting to discredit the process. Who knows what may have happened if he had pushed his supporters to make use of it.

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