I think it's time for authoritarians to keep intolerant dogma to themselves

With rise of authoritarianism in this country it’s time to put a cap on them from imposing their intolerance on American people by strengthening to protect individuals liberties/freedoms whether it is religion in nature or expression of thoughts and ideas.

It’s time to return to principles that our nation was founded on.


Yes, Trump supporters must be stopped.



What should be the consequences for wrong think?

You weren’t talking about Trump supporters? You OP isn’t specific.

Define wrong think

You tell me.

Any word or phrase that detests or goes against the current mainstream leftist narrative. Any idea that the left or the liberal media says is bad, for the only reason that it goes against their worldview.

Urban Dictionary

I would add any thought or expression which challenges Critical Justice Theory.


The OP was non specific so I filled in the blanks based on current events

Oh wrong speak only applies to the left. :rofl:

Pretty much.


Creeping authoritarianism has been temporarily slowed with the 2020 election. In ten years, when his supporters regain their sense of shame, they’ll be thoroughly aghast that an american president responded to unflattering twitter trends with executive power.

Ha. If 230 is eliminated, this forum will cease to exist.


Didn’t trump just discuss using the military to overturn the election?

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That’s diffe( R )ent because of all the dastardly cheatin’!

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Remind me who passed a bill requiring everyone to buy a private product or be fined, err, “taxed” into poverty if they didn’t?


That’s a first of it’s kind, right? Is that law still in effect?

It wasn’t the first of its kind.

Go ahead, name the other(s).

You wanted to work as a sailor? You paid up.