I support holding Betsy DeVos in contempt of court

Betsy DeVos violated a United States Magistrate Judge’s order greater than 16,000 times in trying to collect student loan debt that had legally been forgiven. The Judge is rightfully threatening imprisonment and should follow through.

This is not a partisan issue at this point.

This is pure defiance and disobedience to a court order and a major abuse of power.

Betsy DeVos should be found in criminal contempt of court and should face prison time.

Unfortunately, a United States Magistrate Judge can only directly sentence a contemnor up to 30 days in jail. She should certify the matter to a United States District Judge who can sentence up to 6 months for misdemeanor contempt.

Only prison will do. DeVos is rich and any fine would be a ******* joke.

Referral for impeachment on abuse of power, which is a long accepted high crime and misdemeanor, would also be appropriate.


lock her up.


A fine is a joke if it doesn’t sting. Maybe a Finnish style fine would be appropriate.

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Jail is for poor people not elites like DeVos.

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Thanks for this information.

Unfortunately, the maximum possible contempt fine would be $1,000, which obviously is insignificant to someone who’s family is worth $5.4 Billion.

The way I’m reading the story the complaint is that she didn’t do enough in the judge’s opinion to comply, not that there was any open defiance on her her part or the part of anyone else.

Prison under those circumstances certainly seems to be “cruel and unusual” .

Is that 30 days maximum per offence? 30 * 16,000.

Elitist snobs like DeVos are exempt from laws, just like Trump and Ross and Mnunchin.

DeVos was not sanctioned directly, but if this ain’t straightened up quick, she likely will be. Instead the sanction was against the Education Department. She was held in contempt, however.

Maybe she could start selling Amway products to fellow inmates. And then helping them get a career once they are released.