I see our host escaped from

Good for him…he sure has talked about it last few years.

I’m sure more sensible people are moving out of that ■■■■■■■■ of a state.

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Personally he should have done that 10 years ago…specially after being told he’s not wanted there.

If he only done it 10 years ago he would be about 25 million or so dollars richer.

I don’t know.

He is now paying $8,620 a MONTH in HOA fees in his condominium in Palm Beach.

He picked literally the most expensive spot in Florida to land.

Well that’s peanuts comparing 3.3 million or so in state income taxes. Plus less property taxes if he sold, or selling his home in New York.

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Perhaps so, but he may have trouble accessing the beach for the time being.

Picture from another condo in the same row that is currently for sale. Beaches were eroded by recent hurricanes and the walkways destroyed.

Watch that first step. Its a lulu. :smile:

Picture was taken during high tide.
Mother nature will evidently build it back up. :wink:

There are dozens of great beaches in PBC. I don’t know how old that picture is but most of the damage from the last storm has been remediated.

That’ll buff right out.


Does that even matter when one earns $3,000,000 per month just from the Fox job alone?


Good for Sean Hannity!

Very smart move! :+1: :grinning:

Nothing wrong with what Hannity earns but lets be honest relocation for him is not really a hardship like it is for a lot of people. Its not like he has to pack all his belongings into his car, move, find a job etc.

Good luck to him and I am sure he will be very happy.