I pulled a Hamstring

Please do NOT ask me why I had to show off in front of my grands and do a split!

(All those “granma getting old” jokes!)

I need some help!

Docs gave me advil and told me cold compress. And I’m still walking with a cane!

Any other suggestions?

LOL you don’t need a doctor to give you Advil. They won’t give you anything that works a little better than over the counter crap? Not much else you can do besides rest it. I’m sure someone else can give better advice.


When the pain starts to ease. Stand up and place your leg on a chair. Gently stretch it to the point where you can feel it, but it’s not painful. Do this several times a day. The next week, go a little higher if you can do it without pain… You can use stairs to increment up. Progress for about three months and you should start feeling pretty good.

I did this and it worked really well. But be careful. Don’t push it too much.


I really don’t have that kinda time baby!

My new store opens on the first of February!

Cool! Good luck to you! I hope your new store does great!

Did you really do that? That would be hysterical. You know that, right?

Call your doctor’s office and ask for some physical therapy exercises you can do at home for this injury. They should print you out a sheet with directions and illustrations.

I sustained the same injury about two years ago around this time. Could barely limp through my apartment, much less trudge through a frozen parking lot, so I called out from work for three days.

Sorry that happened. It is a painful injury.

if you have access to a heated pool, you could try to tread water