I just lost another person to Covid-19

This makes 8 or 9 (I’ve kinda lost count at this point) people since March 15 2020.

She was a dear church mother…

I just have no words right now… Been crying since 4pm.

9 people I was close with…
Not “ancillary” folks.

This ■■■■ is real people.

I’d rather have a ■■■■■■ up “economy” with those folks alive…than risk more people DYING to go to a bar, gym, salon, rally.
Its so painful for me right now.

Wear your MASKS! These folks were NOT “out and about”! The virus came to them from folks that WERE “out & about”!

And who CARES if the ones they got it from were young & asymptomatic…never gonna get sick or die from being infected?

The folks I’ve lost (a couple of them in their 40’s & 50’s) are dead now!

This ain’t about politics or “freedoms”!


I am so sorry to hear this.

Saw you on the local CBS station this past weekend talking about your business.

Been thinking of you.

I hate that there is more sadness.

I am sorry for your loss.
And I hope that your speaking up will send a message to those who are not taking this thing seriously.
As Joe Biden has said, “Someday in the future you will get to a point that when you think of them a smile will be on your face before a tear will fall from your eye”.
Be well.

You saw That?

And thank you for the positive energy…

It’s been a challenging year thus far.

Please…Stay safe! And keep others around you safe!

I did. Woke up Sunday. Turned on the TV and it was the first thing on.

Had to double check it was you.

Brightened my day to see a face that I have only talked to on the internet.

I am so sorry about the sadness around you. And the anger. It is awful.

I look so old (used to be so gorgeous/hot/ and kickin’)!
How did you know it was me? Just curious…

We talked about your business before.

I haven’t made it over there… I am bad… I live over by Green-wood Cemetery… my wife is the plant person… not me.

I am one of those “brown thumb” people.

And don’t worry… you looked great.


Thank you baby.

And Greenwood is far… Shannon is your place. Good people. good product.

Yall get here when you can. Looking forward to meeting!

And you don’t have a brown thumb! You just need guidance and patience!

Hope you come for your Christmas tree…or just come… It would be a pleasure to meet.

I will. My wife stays up in Maine most of the time while I stick around here for work.

But I promise i will come over there soon.

I will be the guy with the red beard sticking out of my mask.

<Loves a “ginger”!

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I’m so sorry to hear this.

Prayers for healing and comfort to you and yours.

This terrible, terrible virus is taking a disproportionate toll on folks who are least positioned to protect themselves. If we do the simple things we can prevent their anguish.

The elderly, hispanic, and black americans are paying the price for collective indifference.

Sorry for your losses.

Cousins of mine recently lost some first cousins they played with as kids. Oldest one is around 30.

I am really so very sorry.

so very sorry for your loss - sending love and light…

Sorry to hear about this. There has been so much loss with this virus. To lose so many that you were close to. Let us know if we can do anything.