I just know heard of this, Senator Sherrod Brown

Apparently their was court order of him physically an verbally abusing his ex-wife…even violated court restraining order.

No his ex-wife said that it was just a heated divorce case.

So my question is. Did he abused her and violated court order?

Or did she lied?

Watch the FOX video here.

So which is it?

Thanks for the video. I believe the woman who was there and made a campaign ad supporting her ex-husband for Senator, rather than the gutter-dwellers.

So she lied to courts? Lied about physically and verbal abuse?

Which s it?

I don’t know., Which is it?

I believe exactly what she said in her campaign ad for her ex-husband. Just watch it. She plainly spells it out.

So she lied…and falsely accused he ex-husband physically and verbal abuse to the courts no less.

Would that be correct assessment?

She answers you herself.

I don’t know. Would it be?

You want to go through Family Court records to slam a woman, go for it.

Either he abused her or she lied…which is it?

Did he abused his wife?

It’s really a simple question.

Or maybe only democrats are allowed to abused women.

I don’t know. Did he?

Women don’t lie. If they tell opposing stories, they’re both true

Did you even watch her video? She spells it out just fine in her own words.