I guess conservatives are socialists

After all how else do you explain giving 16b in handouts to farmers,paid for by tariffs paid by other Americans

Whatever happened to the free market determining who survives and who goes under?

Where are the Tea Party patriots?

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Come on Tea Party…WHERE ARE YOU?

Yes, Trump was to the <= Left of Hillary Clinton in the economics department. That’s why the Rust Belt deserted her.

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How are we paying for this? More debt?

Trump clams the tariffs will pay for it. Tariffs paid by other Americans. Pretty much the definition of socialism

Where are my right-wing homies?


Gotta wait for Rush and Sean to get latest talking points.

Yeah but Benghazi!!

The huge problem is that China has already started finding alternative sources for many of our farm goods.
And the longer Trump keeps this trade war going, the more business we will loose to other countries.
And that will be purchases that will not come back. Trump likes to say that the farmers will benefit in the long term. That possibility diminishes every day.

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Conservatives have always been socialists…

The only objection they ever had was which groups are getting the handouts…


Lol at the farmers

Been happening way before tariffs, no ?

I read an article a while ago way before Trump was president about a small rural town in Louisiana that was divided in half along racial lines. Black part of town was very poor and the whites assumed that they lived off of government entitlements but factually, the white part of town got a lot more money from the federal government in form of farm subsidies.

Washington state has a similar division. The eastern half of the state votes pretty solid red. When I visit that part of the state, I hear people talk with disdain about Western Washington. They claim those of us in Seattle are mooching off of the hard working honest people in the eastern part of the state. I even have a recording of a real estate appraiser in Goldendale saying to me, “People in Seattle never met a tax they didn’t like. I’m tired of my taxes going up, up, up, just to support the liberal way of life in Western Washington.”

In reality, the economy in eastern Washington is dominated by many heavily subsidized industries–farming, power generation, education. And nearly all of the rural counties in Eastern Washington consume WAY more tax dollars than they contribute.

On the other hand “liberal” “socialist” Seattle is home to some of the most successful capitalistic ventures in all of human history, and 38 cents of every local tax dollar collected in King county goes elsewhere.


Yup. I live here too.


Why should you care when billions are wasted on illegal immigration.

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Pretty typical. It’s the same pretty much at the state level.

Conservative geographies are usually the political equivalent of welfare queens.


The Democrats in the House should do what the GOP did during the Obama years and hold these farmers hostage to get somethings that they want.

Trumpists are basically redistributionists at heart.


Yeah…I know but only in Libville.

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