I Don't Believe the 500,000 New Jobs Numbers

It’s a fasad…the numbers are fake. This is just for the State of the Union speech to prop up the democrats and deflect the inflation rate, crime, and open borders…

It will be “revised” down by a lot later…

Jobs are going into the tank, especially good paying jobs.

Many large companies are laying off massive numbers of workers, many large companies will be filing bankruptcy, and soon all the auto companies will have lots full of unsold vehicles, real estate is already not selling as well, and it is a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.

The democrat politicians are just smoke and mirrors, all liars, fakes, and narcissist’s.

They are covering up all their corruption, bad management, and incompetency.

But hey, RACIST! Phobe!


Apart from your own angry ranting can you point to any evidence that backs up this claim?


Nope, not saying I do. It’s my prediction. Wanna’ bet it gets revised?

Seriously, you can’t see the inflation? The mass layoffs? Crime? The TIMING of the so-called report? Pffffffffffft!

It’s FAKE.


Yes, it does seem these reports get ammended more often than not. I don’t ever put much stock into the monthly reports.

Regarding the timing: they come out at the first of every month, whether we need them or not. It has nothing to do with the SoU.

There were not 500,000 new jobs in January.

There 2.5 million jobs lost in January.
That is the real number, and those jobs are actually gone.

The “500,000 jobs added” number comes because we lose jobs after after Christmas season so every January jobs report is “seasonally adjusted.” This year the seasonal adjustment number 3 million. Simple subtraction shows 500,000 added.

This happens every year. Every president “gets this” four times.
When the CATO institute says “The number is a lie and we can prove it,” then the number is a lie and CATO can prove it.
When the CATO institute says “This year’s number is suspect” then this year’s number is suspect.

Well, CATO says this year’s number is suspect



If you really want to find a cloud to this silver lining try this.

  • The last time unemployment was this low was 53 years ago in Jan 1970.
  • What followed Jan 1970? Why the stagflation 70s of course.
  • In modern history a number like this tends to be a popping bubble. After hitting an unusual low like this, the UE number tends to spike 12 mos later.
  • Nine times the rule has been followed. There has been only one exception.

Lie now, fess up on a Friday when some spicier news is released along side it.



Right in time for the election to be over. :wink:

Just interested to know how these numbers are faked and why did you bring racism into this?

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So it’s not real?

All the good news is not really good news eh?

No that is not what I said.
Are you asking a question or making yet another straw man?


  • 2.5 million jobs were lost post christmas
  • Normally 3 million jobs would have been lost post Christmas.

I am asking about this.

Oh well CATO is a reputable Libertarian think tank.
If CATO thinks “The 3 million job-loss baseline is a lie,” then CATO would publish “The 3 million job-loss baseline is a lie.”

But CATO did not publish that.
CATO thinks that number is suspect,
and so CATO published that the number is suspect.

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So not a strawman? Phew

I am asking for the basis of you typing that out. Are you simply pointing to what Cato would do or what your opinion is?

Here is what really happened

@Ceasar does not believe “the 500,000 New Jobs Numbers.”

Caesar is kinda correct. 500,000 new jobs is correct only on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Ooops wrong numbers. Correct numbers below:
The average graduating class size of high schools during the year 2020 was approximately 140 students
1.4 of your classmates lost their jobs last month.

Can you please explain in a little more detail with an example or two what causes such a profound impact to this swing so negative -213k in this report?

Larry Summers also thinks a jobs bottom tends to pivot for the worse.
He prefers to see jobs improve slowly. A jobs surge sometimes means the end of a bubble.

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Thank you for posting this.


A few snippets from the article
Bold mine.

Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers highlighted the risk of a sudden downturn in the economy after a surge in jobs growth that dwarfed expectations. . . .

Summers spoke after the January US employment report showed a 517,000 increase in payrolls, well above the highest estimate in the Bloomberg survey of economists. The unemployment rate dipped to 3.4%, the lowest level since 1969. . .

“I still do think there is the risk” of a kind of a Wile E. Coyote moment, Summers said in reference to the cartoon character that falls off a cliff. . . .

The danger is still that the reduction in inflation “will be transitory — I think that risk is greater than I think the Fed thinks it is,” he said. . . .

J’Biden also crowed inflation was lower than when he took office.
When Trump left office inflation was 1.4%
As always Ol Joey lies.