I am not a fan of mods

I am not a fan of mods removing posts that may exhibit boorishness. There have been too many occasions of mods removing posts believed to be in poor taste, mean-spirited, or too harsh for our sensibilities.

This is not advocating for ‘everything goes’ because we do want to foster an environment conducive to productive discussions. However, the mods should show a bit of self-restraint.

For example, if a member’s comment is gleeful that a public official has suffered a heart-attack, while churlish, the comment should not be removed. We need record of such behavior to be public instead of being sanitized.

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As much as I tend to agree with you, it’s been long standing policy of not wishing or wanting death of anyone here at Hannity.

The post in question…I was the one that flagged it.

You don’t have to like it.