I am glad to see the brakes being applied to a predatory ADA law firm

In this case, both the serial filing ADA plaintiff and the law firm which handles his lawsuits have had the brakes firmly applied.

For the law firm, it could be expensive as they may have to refund the $10,000 to $20,000 a case they have been getting by shaking down area businesses with bogus ADA suits. The total refund exposure of the law firm could be $60 Million.

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Predatory is right. People are trying to make a living and oftentimes just barely getting by.

What a skeevy law firm. Reminds me of Better Call Saul.

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I like this. :grinning:

About time they stopped this.

This thread gave me deja vu.

Extortion by law suit.

…and yet, there’s still a zillion ways now a business can be sued and must buy insurance for…just in case. One example were large fines, rightfully applied to businesses who left consumer credit information lying around where it could be stolen. Then these business began having to pay large sums for firewalls that were dictated by the government to protect consumers from having their credit information stolen. Now it’s expensive insurance policies for potential lawsuits happening when skilled computer hacks can get through the firewalls and steal credit information.