I am a bit surprised nobody ran with this story of a police officer shooting an African American


Me too. I can’t believe nobody has started a thread about it.

I didn’t know about it or I would have. Thanks for posting it.

I did not hear anything about it till i ran across this today
but I just chalked it up to living out in BFE

Unfortunately reading the cited article and others it will probably be next week sometime before the video is released.

No doubt that some of the regular race baiting actors will try to claim that race played a part in this shooting before then but that just seems to be the nature of politics today.

If you have a gun and are overpowered by an insane acting nude man, do you or those around you run any risks?

And of course this would have been front page everywhere if the cop had been white.

Without a doubt the answer is yes.

One of the things I stress to the Nth degree with my students is the duty to ensure their firearm is never allowed to fall into the hands of an attacker.

Once they have it, even an otherwise unarmed attacker becomes a deadly threat to anyone they come into contact with.

From those I have talked with this generally not even discussed much less stressed with most handgun/concealed carry/defensive handgun instructors and I will never understand why.

This is the reason I stress that you never let an attacker close the distance on you to where they even have a chance to get their hand on your firearm. If you are carrying and not willing to fight with your gun you are very like to end up fighting for your gun.

Maybe it’s because the privilege of running with the story would only be if the officer involved in the shooting was white?

There’s no doubt if the officer was white, every MSM would have this at the top of every hour.

Fighting naked is difficult.

What’s funny is when you realize that you were so drunk you didn’t even know you were naked much less been in a fight.