I Agree With Tiffany Haddish

Stupid people shouldn’t breed.

“But really, it’s like, I would hate to give birth to someone that looks like me, and then, knowing that they’re gonna be hunted or killed,” she added.

Tiffany’s children are more more likely to be killed by people like them instead of the police.

People like them?

You mean children of movie stars?

Don’t play stupid.

Look up the stats of black on black murder and get back with us.

That’s what Tiffany should be concerned about.

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Yeah I don’t get the narrative. Someone do a pie chart of how many Black people have died at the hands of the police vs other Black people .

Who are you to determine what she should be concerned about?


Is he wrong?

Statistically speaking I’m far more likely to be murdered by a fellow man of color than a police officer or even your run of the mill white guy. Same goes for her children.


Unfortunately there’s no IQ test for prospective parents, nor any ongoing training and testing to ensure they become and remain good parents.

Great OP.


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Tiffany’s children?

It’s still possible for her to have children in her 40s, but not as probable. I thought in the photo in the O P she looked older than 40.

I agree, though. Black on black violent crime doesn’t seem to be a topic much of anyone wants to discuss.

#4 is the number of black people killed by fellow black people vs the number of those killed by police

And now it’s time for our daily r/gamersriseup thread.


Right on time with an obscure off topic comment.

All we need is the “what if I told you” Joker meme and as the resident Joker meme on this forum it’s my duty to point it out.

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I was totally into the whole gamergate stuff when it started then it got really really racist and I was like nope.

That’s what happened with a lot of them dudes. They didn’t go in looking to end up red pilled weirdos. 2013, no one understood online radicalization.

which is why I say radicalization is like boiling a frog.
you don’t notice till its to late.

Regarding having children, she said, “Oh, I need a million dollars in the bank before I do that”. I don’t think that much is necessary but…this thought does put the horse before the cart and I hope anyone who listens to her, heard that?