Hyde-Smith attended segregated all-white private school

Oof. The hits keep on coming with this candidate don’t they.

I know she probably went where her parents sent her, but it aint a great look is it.

I still don’t see her losing, but how did this candidate make it through the primaries?

I totally forgot she was a sitting Senator appointed by the Governor. The incompetence makes a bit more sense now I guess.

That is an extraordinary article at your link. Thanks for posting.

Yep. There were thousands of these private schools that opened across the south after desegregation was ordered.


I don’t hold that fact (attending a private white school) against her.

Hell, I attended an all white PUBLIC school system in northeast Pennsylvania. :smile:

(For those who don’t get it, there are almost zero black people and an insignificant number of other minorities living in that region.) :smile:

It is what she has said and done in recent years that counts. And that does not look good.

Additionally, she went down in flames at the debate.

For numerous reasons, I believe that she is overtly racist and will not support her candidacy.

I do believe she will win, lets face it, Mississippi just ain’t gonna elect a black man statewide, it ain’t going to ******* happen.


Who were her opponents in the primaries? It always seems like they are the races where people proudly let their freak flag fly.

The question is how close is it going to get.

That’s a little unfair.

I don’t know this woman from Eve and apparently she ain’t smart.

But on the private school, so what?

The black Mississippi Senators all served during reconstruction and only because ex-confederates were disenfranchised at the time. :smile:

Look at the rest of the states. It’s not an exclusive club.

The OP was about Mississippi.

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And our conversation is between us.

lol…thats hilarious

South Carolina managed to elect a black man and Florida came within a whisker of electing a black governor.

I believe South Carolina was appointed, was he also elected?

From my link:

As of 3 January 2017, there have been 1,970 members of the United States Senate, but only ten have been African American.

Is it? Seems sad to me.

not why im laughing

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You don’t know the first thing about black Senators do you? What state do you live in?

You guys think JFK attended any multi race private schools while growing up?