HUNTERS RIGHTS: North Carolina GOP Seeks to Protect Hunting, Fishing in CONSTITUTION

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Voters in North Carolina will have the opportunity to protect the rights of hunters and fisherman throughout the region this fall; deciding on whether to enshrine “hunter’s rights” in the state constitution.

“The ballot measure, which easily passed through the Republican-controlled state Senate in June in a 44-4 vote, has become an unexpectedly divisive issue in North Carolina. Supporters argue the amendment would protect certain hunting practices, but opponents claim it’s little more than a ploy to draw Republican voters to the polls,” writes Fox News.

The measure aims to protect “the right to use traditional methods, to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife” as more and more left-leaning candidates seek to clampdown on “inhumane” practices.

“This change creates a situation that in the future could bring conflict between those who enjoy hunting and fishing and those who don’t,” North Carolina state Sen. Norman Sanderson told Fox News. “We don’t want the rights of hunters and fishers to be infringed upon.”

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