Show the videos of Obama saying that 1% growth and 6% unemployment are the new norms.
Get used to it. There is no magic wand. Blah…blah…blah. Now he wants credit for the growth and low unemployment numbers that Trump produced. Trump lowered taxes and reduced regulations to make it happen. Obama had nothing to do with it!

The only thing that saved Americans from catastrophic economic collapse, 300 million Americans on food stamps, 75% unemployment and the complete destruction of US industry was Donald’s landslide victory in 2016t. No one else could have done it - he promised he was the only one who could deliver everything we wanted, and here we are two years later stronger, richer, and more united than we’ve been in the history of ever.

Jesus can save the economy. We just need to pray harder.

I agree. But I have feeling certain members of this forum isn’t going to welcome your comment.

BTW…welcome to the forum.

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Ass you can see Gregg…it’s only taken em few second to deflect, detract and attack.

You proved your point quite eloquently @GreggM . Please keep contributing to our forum. We need more great minds like yours.