HTS taking over Idlib

So this has gone under the radar, but HTS seems about ready to take over all of Idlib. NLF has essentially ceded most of the territory they controlled to them in the last week or so in Aleppo, Hama and Idlib. Some fighting and some just handing over. 11 of the 12 Turkish outposts are now in HTS territory. Now there have been clashes with HTS and TFSA in north Aleppo. So I don’t know what the ■■■■ Turkey is doing, But they’re just watching it happen. An important thing to remember, HTS was never part of the ceasefire between the regime and the rebels. So I don’t know what Erdogan’s plan is here. They’ve definitely got an excuse to go after HTS if they wanted, but if they wanted to do that I would have thought they would have done it before HTS took 75% of Idlib. Or maybe they don’t care and are content with holding Afrin and north Aleppo with their pet TFSA groups. But it’s weird. Or maybe they’re just preoccupied with waiting for our troops to pull out of Syria to go after the Kurds. If we even leave. Who knows if that’s going to happen. But something to watch. And since there is no actual US Syria policy, and what we get is then contradicted by the same administration I’m not filled with hope.