Howard Stern Wants Hospitals To Deny Care To The Unvaxxed

I can count on one hand the number of forum posters I’ve seen - here and elsewhere - who appear to be able to do that arithmetic. It’s a shame. Good to see another fellow engineer recognize what those numbers mean.

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I don’t know why anybody listens to that idiot.


No different than Alex Jones. They both say controversial stuff to make a buck.

howard stern is just uglier, even less talented version of bill maher, who everyone also thinks matters

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This is surprising?

I’d worry more about him if he actually gave a darn.

I’ve never, ever given a rat’s ass about Stern’s opinions and nothing will change about that today. It’s just another example of why this is.

Agreed. I don’t know why anybody listens to him either.

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After Trump won Stern went over the deep end. I quit listening totally then, used to like some of the content like the phony phone calls.

Bidenite Gaffes :wink:


FLASH: Entertainer Says Stupid Things.

Been a long time since I listened to Stern. He used to have a character on his show called “Stuttering John”. Reminds me of the modern Joe Biden… pretending that he has a stuttering disability to hide his inability to articulate a coherent thought.

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That’s already happening. You can see it in the sports world. In 2020 hardly anyone was out with Covid. The 2021 season saw dozens of players out each week. Sometimes from a single team. They got the Vax and are living life as usual.

No, he isn’t the only one, but he is an elite rich lefty emboldened who feels entitled to speak the hateful truth of leftists as he has the backing of the MSM, social media, Hollywood and of course the Biden Administration.


BINGO! You got the main point of this thread!