How Trump is celebrating Memorial Day -- buy my stuff!

A message sent out by the Trump org. …

12 HOURS LEFT! Get 25% OFF the ENTIRE Trump store. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer for Memorial Day weekend. Use code: “MEMORIAL” SHOP NOW

I left off the link. Not gonna advertise for him. But you get the idea. Should the top thing on his agenda be celebrating the troops and not giving out discounts to his store?


I might get a good deal on “Witch Hunt!!!” Beer koozies.

And yes… that is an actual product that you can buy from the President’s campaign.

Imagine if Obama did this.


Papa Grifter is such a fine American.

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Trump is using a day of remembrance of our fallen soldiers to make money. That’s capitalism at it’s finest, dammit! It’s what our soldiers fought and died for! We’re lucky to have a president that would think of this.


Salutes! America America america!

He gonna grift you and use the troops to do it…

But hey let’s all watch them get outraged over a black guy kneeling…that’s it!

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Typical talking points from the frothing trump haters amirite :sunglasses::+1:

Pointing out the horrible things trump does is why he won! Easily re-election 2020! Two scoops and also flushes!

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What did you you buy?

I should ask you that question.

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Christmas shopping done for the year! Thank you Mr. President!

Happy Memorial Day!


“Should the top thing on his agenda be celebrating the troops and not giving out discounts to his store?”

So…some sales organization using Trump’s name (can’t tell more about it without that link) is the top thing on the President’s agenda?
And you seriously think that took care of his Memorial day celebration?
Its not so much that I “must defend”, as I have been told, but that some (many) must attack…no matter how lame.

"President Trump joined Americans on Memorial Day in paying respect to those who gave their lives for the country, laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

“Our fallen heroes have not only written our history, they have shaped our destiny,” Trump said, speaking at the cemetery’s Memorial Ampitheater. “They inspired their communities and uplifted their country and provided the best example of courage, virtue and valor the world will ever know. They fought and bled and died so that America would forever remain safe and strong and free.”"

Yup. You are right.

TDS at its finest.

That was last year. He’s in Japan this year.


I’ll assume the source is acceptable.

That defense wouldn’t get you anywhere on a football field. :slight_smile:

Sorry. You are correct.

“Trump is expected to attend a Memorial Day event with U.S. troops later Monday at Yokosuka Naval Base.
Vice President Pence will make at Arlington National Cemetery Monday morning.”

Yet his organization is using it as an excuse to make money. This is representing Trump, remember. So that’s ok?

I thought you guys wanted him away from running businesses. Now you want him doing low level advertising decisions.

More real TDS (Trump Desperation Syndrome).

You’re making something up.