How The Pro Abortion Movement Hijacked Feminism

The point is: Guvnah believes abortion is evil and is murder. Telling him that no one is forced to have an abortion does nothing to assuage his concerns, just as if someone were to tell an abolitionist that they didn’t want to force them to own slaves or to tell a libertarian that they are free to not steal. What it is does in reality is deflect the complainaints concerns. It wouldbe more honest to just tell pro-lifers that their position is absurd and that you hope for them to be politically crushed. It’s what I do.

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As a man, you need to stay out of this. That’s what a pro-choicer would say.

If you didn’t want to tell a pacifist not to murder, then don’t do it! Ah, but there are moral ramifications. To live in a civilized society, one must understand certain moral values. That is one thing that makes up a culture. Unfortunately, our culture is a bunch of baby-killing, plastic-surgery-having, celebrity-following hypocrites.

I’m against rape, yet when someone else gets raped, I am not going to turn a blind eye. Same with murderers. I value every life as worthy of existing, until old age takes them back to the afterlife.

And why did you suddenly have to cut-n-run to talk about two other countries?

Because they are farther down the path that the U.S is going down, if abortions are continued to be allowed. Additionally, you made the assertion that “no one in the pro-choice movement is going to make people get an abortion,” and I proved that to be false- there are many pro-choicers in the U.K., for example.

Uh, what? I was explaining why Bodacea’s argument is bad. You’re having your own conversation.

That should only apply in the case where the woman doesn’t know who impregnated her or immaculate conception. All other cases should have input from the man. (takes two to tango).


I’m sorry, what’s this about a freedom to choose? And acceptance for all sorts of different people?

This Representative’s now former Party doesn’t want his constituents to choose him as their Representative, seeing them as ignorant of his principles.

I guess they don’t want pro life Democrats like Martin Sheen included in the Party, either. They definitely didn’t want to include pro life feminists in the DC Women’s March:

They’re for choice, alright—THEIR choice, which would be to abort.

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Most legal and illegal abortions were in the 1st trimester 12/13 weeks and most doctors and mid wives wouldn’t perform one after that period because it’s not only lethal for the baby but dangerous to the woman but now the laws in some states are from 24 weeks right up to the delivery date and right on the table if the baby survives the barbaric process, it’s an abomination and at that stage it’s nothing but murder of an infant, aka infanticide.

Legalizing late term abortions is the heinous stain on America that needs awakening as in “woke” and “cancelled”! We took care of slavery, segregation and civil & equal rights and now its time to take care this “systemic” eugenics genocide of mostly black babies.

In direct response to the OP…YES it is white liberal, heterosexual, homophobic, racist, misogynist college educated males behind everything rancid going on in the country including hijacking feminism which now only equates to abortion on demand which was never the intention of the original feminist movement.

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