How The Pro Abortion Movement Hijacked Feminism

Why is it abortion rights are listed as “a woman’s right to choose” when even feminists like Betty Friedan didn’t start promoting it? Why is it these two rarely get a mention?

That’s right. Abortion rights as a Democratic Party Platform was introduced by two men who really weren’t feminists. One, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, deeply regretted his contributions to the movement and became a pro life activist.

Regardless if how one feels about Planned Parenthood or Margaret Sanger, does it really make sense to credit her with abortion rights? The woman passed on 7 years before Roe v Wade became the law on the matter, and it was two non feminist men who convinced Betty Friedan to even include it as a demand of the movement.

Why is it hidden that “a woman’s freedom to choose” wasn’t even the brainchild of women?

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the left disguises developing human dismemberment as a “women’s choice” so they seem less barbaric


I’m even more curious now. Yes, the left comes up with euphemisms to soften what’s despicable.

The right, however, blames Margaret Sanger for legalism of abortion when the article in the first paragraph states Lader, who sounds worse a character than Nathanson, & Sanger parted ways when it came to abortion. I’ve only just recently heard of these two.

Why is it not much of anyone is willing to say “a woman’s freedom to choose” was originated by non feminist men? And as despicable as Larry Lader in particular sounds, it seems he was advocating abortion rights to avoid illegal, botched abortions and overpopulation.

It doesn’t sound like either Lader or Nathanson advocated forcing it on anyone. Or later term abortion. Or singling out handicapped infants.

When did abortion as a legitimized choice go down the path of for Downs Syndrome infants in particular? Physicians recommending abortion? Later term infanticide?

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Once you open Pandora’s Box, each successive evil is easier to promote.


More American Blacks have been aborted than are currently alive.

BBLM too…


Pro-choice. No one in the pro-choice movement is making people get abortions, while the so-called pro-life movement wants to make women carry to term…and then turn their backs.

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Turn their backs?

Nobody I know whose pro life is against adoption as an option.


Here are some stats on coerced abortion, generally pushed by male partners:

Against children with birth defects

It appears, as in the instigators of adding abortion rights onto the Democratic platform coming from men, one of whom came to regret his participation in the movement, that relatively few women support abortion as an option—at least without some limits.

Yet it’s termed “a woman’s freedom to choose.” How ironic and sad.

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Nobody forced anyone to own slaves.

As for that last statement… it’s an abject fabrication.

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The subtext here is that the position of pro-choice women is some kind of false consciousness and that they wouldn’t hold the belief otherwise. That’s very paternalist.


Golly, it’s been ages since I last heard that term.

How passe :roll_eyes:

“Passe”? Do you know it’s not a synonym for “patriarchal”?

This form of argument always sets me off. But when libertarians are using it, I like to point out that they’re not compelled to steal, so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with theft.

And they wonder why they’re being replaced by immigrant voters.


Abortion kills more human females than any other method. If a woman needs the ability to kill her own unborn daughter, it’s not really “empowerment,” is it?

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Fascinating comparison there.

Exactly. The demographic that most supports abortion is highly educated liberal males. I call them “bro-choicers.” They get all bent out of shape when a pro-life female such as myself comes along and calls them out, or at least debates them. They can get super aggressive too, such as name-calling. They don’t like it when their narrative of pretending to protect women fails when a pro-life woman calls out their ■■■■■■■■■

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:rofl: So why is the UK and North Korea, both of whom are more to the left than the U.S and contain many pro-choicers, forcing women to abort by court of law?

No, it isn’t. Here’s more about sex selective abortion:

Being a “pro choice feminist” is sort of like being an insect with an affinity for Black Flag.

It totally doesn’t make sense.

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You know what is also sad? Most women abort at 13 weeks. THIRTEEN weeks of gestation. And it us rising; it used to be 6 weeks, then 10 weeks.

By that time, the fetus has:

  • *Its own unique DNA and developing organs (conception)

    • it’s own heartbeat and fully formed MC and Autorhythmic cells to do the job. (6-8 weeks)
  • *the major sections of the brain are already beyond sectioned off (5 weeks)

  • *different types of pluripotent cells, meaning that many of these stem cells have already been “assigned” an organ and consequently, form different tissues that make an organ. This is happening in multiple areas of the body, with different organs. Last time I checked, a being with different organs makes an ORGANISM.

  • *The fetus but 5 weeks away from being able to hear the parents’ voices.

Here’s something else that’s interesting:

Come to think of it, I’ve never known very many nonwhite or Hispanic women to express the idea that abortion should be an option or that it was something they would do if in certain predicaments.

Looks like the two men who pushed to make abortion a part of the Democratic Party platform were wealthy white men, and since both have passed on, it appears that’s whose backing it now.

Doesn’t appear it was ever about helping poor or nonwhite human beings, but eliminating them.

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