How prevalent were situations like this in 2022? (Topic - crime)

I saw this pop up today and clearly it’s an issue that’s been discussed before, but now that 2022 is behind us I wanted to take some time and look at this more specifically:

Over the past year I’ve read/heard about various communities being specifically affected, just wondering how many and to what extent?

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New Orleans had a pretty bad year:

Goyeneche says since 2019, the homicide rate has increased by 132 percent.

"Shootings have increased 87 percent, car jackings have increased 167 percent, and armed robberies are up 21 percent,” said Goyeneche.

The city of fewer than 3,000 residents has recently experienced more than 10 shootings,

"And the only way that is going to change is if we pull together and change our city."

I’m curious as to what changed within the city? Is it internal or is there an external force at play?

The community is afraid to come forward and say what’s going on out here in the streets who’s really involved with the shootings that’s going on."

Its population, over 80 percent African American,

"Until we get justice for that, until we get justice for the people whose homes have been violated by people shooting into them, then we are not going to rest," Pitts said.

He added, "This is not how Eudora is supposed to be, this is now how it was when I was a kid in the area growing up, and it is not going to remain this way."

So again I ask…what changed? I don’t see this question asked or answered in this article.

Lock up the citizens!

Stay strapped or get clapped.


Morale with the New Orleans Police Department is low, says New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission President Rafael Goyeneche. He says the city has lost over 150 police officers this year.

"The police department stood at nearly 13,000 officers," he said. "As we speak today were looking at about 900 police officers."

Yeah but…BLM…amirite? This is the aftermath and it’s happening in cities all across the US and is the result of fake virtuism.

New Orleans is the dirtest PD in the country.

In a city that small, and a state that red, I cannot imagine this is a result of lax prosecution or bail reform, or some other progressive reform.

I bet it turns out that it’s gang related, or a family feud of some sort.

Which is to say, in answer to your question, I believe this city is an outlier.

Portland has had a pretty rough year as well:

This is what we are seeing across the nation in the area of policing regarding their mental state after the misappropriated lambasting police have taken over the last few years. Was there room for improvement, yes but the medicine to cure it has exacerbated the problem of people dying due to now compromised levels of law enforcement. Add to this the number of officer suicides nationally and it really should make everyone pause and think.

Here’s 2021

Understatement of the year, and on the 1st day!