How many devastating climate predictions have now been proven false?


Can you provide more detail? What are the margins? Did you read the posted article?

And what were the temperatures then?

And what were the temperatures then?

Didnt NOAA account for degrees of uncertainty going back to 1880 or so? Might I suggest you read the article and actually click on the links the provide to their sources? It might help your understanding.


Now there is your “man made” environmentalist disaster!


If only we swept the forests like they do in Finland. :roll_eyes:


So what should we do about it?


Don’t forget the natural & devastating disasters like the California forest fires which “mankind” does know how to prevent but are not allowed to because of radical leftist GW environmentalist. :open_mouth:


Remember when Nancy said all we need for border control is to “mow the grass”, well I say all Californians need to do to prevent forest fires is to “clear the dried brush”.


I member libs were predicting nuclear war, mass starvation, global winter etc.

They keep having their own doom day scenario…but somehow they seems to forget them once they pass.


Clear the brush? How would they do that?


The dangers of nuclear weapons don’t concern you? Not something to be worried about?


You must give up many of the things in life that are considered luxuries.


Well if industrialization is the problem then logically deindustrialization would be the solution.


…or…the Green dream? :sunglasses:


Only if you lack imagination.


Fact: Last five years have been the hottest on record.


These global warming threads don’t really go anywhere. I don’t believe the warmists or the deniers on this board actually understand the science. Information comes off of google searches or some website or another.

I’m willing to bet that I’m the only individual on this board to have actually participated in research into past environments. And yet, I still don’t have the expertise to evaluate current studies. I’d love to review original literature, as I once did as a professional in that arena, but I no longer have the time.

If you argue about what politicians are saying, on one side of the debate or the other, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The idea that predictions have come to pass or not is absurd.

I’ve previously explained my own views on the nature of climate change. If you would like me to do that again, I’ll be happy to oblige.


Which they don’t (raked actually). That is probably the dumbest thing Trump ever Tweeted.


I agree mostly with your previous posts. The world has 7 billion people. Keeping them fed and happy (to the extent that we can) is pushing the environment close to limits (with available technology). Any change in the environment is just as likely to strain that performance as it is to help it.

We are artificially inducing instability. More problematic long term, there’s no telling where this ends.


That makes a ton of sense, but the deniers will argue it.


Hi guys,
This is the last post for me this evening (famous last words). I’m the chef in the family and I also have to prepare my lessons for tomorrow. I do believe that population growth is a gigantic problem, maybe above all else. But you have to ask yourselves, why did the human population go from 1 billion in 1800 to 7 or 8 billion today? Was it just modern medicine? I’ll let you know my ideas later.

There are now converging problems. Climate change is one and I don’t believe it is the most important. I’m actually not a climate alarmist, even if I am a warmist.


Neither of these mean anything if you cant provide an alternative current reason for CO2 and sea ice levels. What natural process outside of man made emissions is causing those 2 things?