How Many Denials Were There?

Mr Levine is full of crap.

I don’t think that is going to be politically viable. Democrats are more then welcome to die on that hill though.

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Yet the Europe that Progressives love to point to also think this is bad for children.

Western and Northern Europeans generally see affirmation leading to rapid medical interventions as unethical and dangerous. England, Sweden and Finland have largely abandoned gender affirmation for minors in the last three years. Others, such as Ireland and Italy, are raising concerns, even with approaches already more restrictive than America’s. Overall, the most progressive countries in Europe are notably more conservative, with a clear focus on safeguarding children.

Even progressive Europe won’t go as far as America in child transgender treatments

The article points out that these incidents in children overwhelming resolve and disappear by adulthood. It also points out that the children involved often already suffer from other mental health issues.


You are forgetting the important part that dems care about. Once you transition a kid you have an angry democrat activist for life. And the complicit medical community gets a life long customer.


That’s true. The bottom line for dems.

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K-12 curriculum ‘socially engineering’ millions into enraged young ‘social justice warriors,’ parents warn Curriculum was developed under Yale Medical School

EXCLUSIVE – A curriculum developed under Yale Medical School is using emotional persuasion tactics to trigger children attending thousands of public schools to become angry about social justice causes and aid them in developing an “intersectional identity,” parents worry.
Fox News Digital reviewed the tightly guarded curriculum, created by the Center for Emotional Intelligence at the medical school’s Child Study Center. Yale’s clients are forbidden from sharing its contents with anyone who is not employed at the district, according to the contract it has signed with partners.

Say it isn’t so. The first warning sign is the idea that anything in a K-12 curriculum can, or should be restricted from parental access.

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The lessons probed deeply and, oftentimes intrusively, into the student’s emotions, personal relationships, traumas, beliefs and triggers. “Conversations around triggers and Meta-Moments are an excellent way to discuss power and privilege in who, in our society, is required to regulate more strictly in public spaces. Consider examining stereotypes in the context of emotional regulation as they relate to race, gender, sexuality, religion, and other forms of difference,” the curriculum said.

This little gem from the article explains what this curriculum looks at in school children. The purpose of this is programming them to have a pavlovian response reflex.