How many debates will Biden actually participate in?

The schedule calls for three debates, but Scott Adams makes the case the Biden will only show up for one at most. His logic is based on two possible outcomes for the first debate:

  1. If Biden’s performance passes the laugh test, then the Biden campaign will declare victory and refuse any further debates. They will argue that the performance in one debate is enough to show that Biden is mentally competent, and there is no reason to do more since “Trump lies”.

  2. If Biden’s performance in the first debate is clearly inadequate or he is clearly unable to debate, then Democrats will announce that Biden is just placeholder and Harris will be the actual president. My observation is that the fact that early voting is already underway and ballots are being printed and mailed means that it is impossible to replace Biden on the ticket at this time. The most likely scenario would be that Biden would remain on the ticket and resign soon after inauguration.

Either way Biden will never show up to more than one debate; I think Adams’s analysis make sense.

Do you think that Adams is right and Biden will only show up for one debate at most?

If so, will Democrats present Biden as a one-hit wonder?

Or will Harris end up taking over for the last two debates with Trump?

For background, here are comments from Scott Adams about the likely Biden debate strategy starting at 8:05:


Do you agree with the analysis? Or do you think Biden will show up for all three debates?

Biden has shown up for every debate for every office he’s campaigned for.

Something Trump can’t say. It’s more likely Trump skips out to go run another charity scam like he did in ‘16.


There’s one person with a history of punking out of debates between Biden and Trump, and it ain’t Biden.

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Biden has been missing in action for most of the campaign. He is even avoiding Zoom interviews from his basement.

Do you expect a sudden burst of energy?

This strategy of talking down Biden before the debates is really really strange.


I thank Biden for teaching us the press pool lexicon of the 9 and 10 AM lid.

Trump is working circles around him for the job.

So do you expect to show up for all three debates?

Why is Pelosi saying that Biden should skip the debates entirely?

Yup once he takes that performance enhancing shot in his ass.

Unlike President Sniffy who doesn’t snort any performance enhancers like crushed up rails Adderall, despite what those people from The Apprentice say.

I think he will show.

He really has to. He must understand that.

I think Biden will do OK. Expectations have been ridiculously lowered.

Someone finally told Trump and he was talking yesterday about how good a debater Biden is.

Message discipline.

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Yes, Biden has been canceling whole day’s of events at the last minute with no explanation. You would think that he could still work in Zoom interview or two.

Is he really spending 100% of his time getting ready for the debate?

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Sure looks suspicious to me.

Yes, the mainstream media will ooh and ah if Biden is able to speak reasonably coherently for 90 minutes. Don’t expect them to fact-check his lies and misinformation.

We will see if Biden’s themes of bulging veins, injecting bleach, and dog-face pony soldiers make an appearance.

He rarely goes over 20 minutes.

They are really going have to get his meds right.

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Trump stuck about $5 million in his own pocket the last one he skipped out on a debate in yet another charity scam.

That’s a strong incentive to do it again, and he does have that history of skipping debates. He better be careful if he does show up though, he’ll go too far going after Biden’s family and since Biden will be gakked out of his mind on speed he’s going to launch across the stage and snap that right leg that Trump has been dragging around from all those strokes.


When Biden shows up for all the debates, how will you reevaluate your sources and “analysis”?

If Democrats have confidence in Biden, why is even Biden referring to the Harris-Biden ticket?

Was it just an accident? Or was it a way of saying that Biden is just a place-holder?