How Is Deinstitutionalizing the Severely Mentally Ill Humane?

How exactly is living as street people humane? How about worrying and wondering where a severely autistic child is going once the parents become too feeble or die?

How exactly was Adam Lanza being allowed to live with his mother humane? Could the reopening of state mental hospitals for the severely mentally ill save parents worrying about care for the mentally handicapped child that worry?

Allow them to focus on their other family members & visit the handicapped child as often as possible? Might schizophrenics and other severely mentally ill have a place other than the streets to stay?

IMO Closing these facilities was a big mistake & reopening them might not only provide shelter and care for such individuals, but state jobs with benefits for undergrads in fields like psychology and social work. Thoughts?

There’s more to the story. It’s the pendulum swing.

150 years ago, it was way too easy to lock someone up in a mental institution. A quick diagnosis of “hysteria” - wandering uterus - would allow a husband to put away their wives and fathers put away their daughters. Some abuses of the system happened to men, too.

So the pendulum swing, and we stopped locking people up as much - which meant the asylums started losing money. That’s when they were closed.

if the mentally ill were institutionalized as they should be (and have been) there would be a lot less mass murderings

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It’s not. And letting people live in homeless tent cities with no social distancing or masks is a crime. Spreading Covid everywhere.

You can thank Governor Reagan.

I agree 100%. He was a horrible Governor of California for giving the severely mentally ill the right to opt out of institutionalization without giving them much of a viable alternative.