How Far Is Far Enough?

By any means necessary?

How far to keep Trump out of office
  • Let him run and hope The People vote correctly
  • Use the 14th Section 3
  • Use Congress or SCOTUS
  • Any means necessary-all options are on the table.

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they will stop at nothing

trump will either not be on the ballot, or will have “no chance” of “winning” mark my words.

after spraying indictments at him from a firehose of political hack DA’s he’s still polling above biden in many polls, at worst dead heat in aggregates.


Yikes the “A” discussion on the hannity forum. This discussion will not well.

Anyone who wants to disqualify him is a moron at best and a pet piece of â– â– â– â–  at worst.

For those types of losers, there’s never any such thing as “enough”. :man_shrugging:


If you want to know how someone will pay their bill, you must first examine their credit history. Applying this same logic;

the FBI will alter emails to totally change the meaning to the opposite, then use it to garner search warrants from FISA judges.

They’ll use a “dossier” that they knew was a lie and to again do the same thing.

They’ll create a Russian collusion lie and perpetuate this for years and then use this to garner an investigation that goes way outside that scope for the purpose of finding anything they can on Trump, using highly paid Democrat lawyers.

When that fails they’ll impeach him not once but twice.

51 retired intelligence officers will all unite and collude to lie telling the world that Hunter Biden’s laptop is “probably Russian disinformation” all while the FBI already has it in their possession.

They’ll make up lies how officers were murdered, one with a fire extinguisher by Trump supporters.

Then begin a committee that’s totally one sided doing nothing more than perpetuating their lying narrative that J6 was a “violent insurrection” and use that term under the 14th Amendment to try to forever keep Trump out of the WH.

All of these things are failing and has done nothing more than increase Trump’s favor to the voting public, distance him above the other candidates, while Brandon is fumbling, tumbling and mumbling incoherent half sentences.

As the election approaches and if Trump keeps climbing in the polls and the Democrats can not come up with a viable candidate, then I suspect Trump will be assassinated.


So your saying credit files can be doctored and not reliable? Honestly, I am not understanding the analogy you are making here.

I apologize for not making it plain enough but if you want to look out your windshield with accuracy, first look what took place in your rearview mirror.


I have no problem with Trump running, if he gets elected then so be it. Thats how our system works.

The problem is Trump supporters only trust the system when the result is in Trumps favor. Any other result simply cannot be the truth.

If Trump wins in 2024 I will not be crying fraud but will accept he is the President for the next four years and I would expect Biden to do everything in his power to guarantee a smooth, effective and efficient transition of power including attending Trumps inauguration.


Post of the day!


This is literally the vast majority of the left in 2000, 2004, and 2016. EVERY single time they lose.

Happens ONE time on the right… :rofl:


And then we will kick back, sip wine and watch the continuing slow decline of a once great nation as it devolves further into nonsense.



Nah mate I disagree, we have never seen such a claim of electoral fraud on this scale before. I do not know of any Presidential candidates except Trump who even four years after losing still talks about fraudulent votes.

Oh, you must not have been here when angry libs descended on Bush’s motorcade, throwing eggs and bottles at the President because they didn’t like the outcome. :rofl:


To those who already voted, Sorry.

Karenism must be destroyed. Do you say things like “Yikes” when you talk?

Did I give you the impression this thread was intended for yet another series of your MAGA stream consciousness voter fraud screeds?

If so, I apologize for the miscommunication.


Oh i saw all that Bush stuff but I am talking about Presidential candidates plus we did not see the concerted effort by so many to claim there was fraud.

Now granted in 2001-2004 there was no social media like today so maybe we would have but we will never know.

Yes we saw the whole Florida hoopla but when that was done Clinton still attended the inauguration of Bush.

I never want to see the claim of fraud on such a scale again without real tangible evidence.

But I know we will have to agree to disagree on this.

You were talking about the general population, which is what I replied to:

This is was not about any candidates.

I do actually along with words like blimey. Why the need to get personal?