How far back does it go?

I’m just curious who started making cheating cool? I’m talking about cheating on your wife.
A lot of women on drugs do things that they wouldn’t normally do. The dishonorable John F. Kennedy has Marilyn Monroe singing happy Birthday Mr. President on his Birthday.
Now if it was so innocent, then why didn’t Jackie show up on her husbands own birthday? lol.
Probably because she knew about it. To me, it really started getting pathetic and out of hand directly after Clinton got caught. I remember watching the news, and they went out in the public, and said that people would still vote for him, and it sucked what he did to poor innocent Hillary, but they still liked him overall. After the Clinton incident, it’s like cheating exploded, and it became the new fad. I’ve been on dating websites before, and some of the kids I went to high school would have 3-4 girlfriends at once. Materialism, drugs, money, deceit, manipulation, new age thinking. Compared to Republicans that are more old-fashion, church, no drugs, hopeless romantic. Hmm, I wonder what party respect women more, and actually cheats less on their wives?

Lol. I love you man. Your stream of consciousness rants are awesome!

First, cheating has been around since there have been people I’m sure. It ain’t like cheating is some late-90’s fad.

Second, Republicans are more old fashioned? Church? No drugs? Hopeless romantics? Wow. You shoulda told all those Republicans who voted for Trump. Or Giuliani. Or Gingrich. What’s that? 8 marriages among the three of them? Ahhhh. I’ve gotta rest. I’m short of breath from laughing so hard.



Uuuum duh? We’re on a political website. So I figured that you would put 2+2 together and realize that I was talking about cheating in politics? Maybe that’s to complex for you to put together though. So by what you just said, you’re preaching to me about 1-4. That’s a ratio of point 25. Now how many out of those 4 do the Democrats like the Clintons, and all the ones that voted for them do? lmao! Is it 4-4? Or on average I’d say a good 90-95 percent. Cause everything and everyone has flaws in it and themselves. besides a handful of things in life.

It really took off back in the 90s when trump, Giuliani, and Gingrich we’re all running around porking women who weren’t their wives. GOPhers love those guys.

Vitter getting hooker spankings while diapered, guys chasing Argentinian tail, governor’s tying up the side piece and blackmailing her, conservative morals in action.

“Conservatism” is RIFE with adulterers and hypocrites. We’re not talking low-level staffers, either. Major media players. Presidents. Former speakers of the house. Former NYC mayor turned attorney to the president. Former governor turned representative. And that’s the shortlist.

Id say the party that likes to hike the Appalachian Trail.

Well whatever they did, atleast it wasn’t like Slick willy that had sex with an underage girl.
Just remember Lucy and Party, that he only “flew” over fantasy island, but never landed on it! lol. I swear as long as I live this will never get old watching, because it will always make me laugh! lol.

Yeah. there was kennedy, and Clinton off the top of my head I can think about, and I’ve heard a out a lot more liberal presidents doing it, but not sure, so I didn’t want to say

Ah. So now to dismiss righties you put in your tinfoil harness and bring up conspiracy theories. A plus grade trolling.

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I vote based on issues and what the person can possibly do to affect my families life and the life of the country. If everything else is equal, I am ready to consider their personal moral standards (as if I could ever know those for sure). Everything else is never equal.
Morality seems mostly to be something to be used as a weapon against the other party or candidate.

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When in doubt, blame it on the sixties.
If ya wanna sound intellectual when in doubt, blame it on Paris in the 20s.

So conspiracy theories such as aliens, and the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, and the jfk assassination are all real right? How about ghosts? These things are all cute, and amuzing to believe in occasionally, but especially in today’s society with all of the technology we have, why isn’t there any actual logical proof of these things? If there is I’d love to see links to it?

Yes, I’m sure back in the 60’s when things like acid and cocaine and other drugs were “in”, and cool, that it would make a lot more sense to be under the influence while talking about intellectual things, than to not. That is why people who smoke pot/weed now adays actually think that they smart simply because they smoke it! lmao! When in actuality, it only make them dumber. lol.

And you can’t think of a single leftist to add to your list? Let me help.

Former NY attorney general
Former NY governor
Harvey Weinstein
Kevin Spacey
Charlie Rose
Bill Clinton
Matt Lauer
John Conyers
Anthony Weiner

And then there is this from Politico

LOS ANGELES — A national reckoning on sexual harassment that got its start in Hollywood is now upending Democratic politics throughout the nation’s most populous state.

Scandal-induced resignations will cost California’s Democratic Party its supermajority in the state Legislature at least temporarily next year, and the fallout is spilling into the 2018 elections. It’s scrambling calculations for some of the state’s most powerful politicians in Sacramento, and even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was caught in the fray when she defended now former-Rep. John Conyers last month as an “icon.”


There’s an expected Joanne “butwhatabouttheleft” response. It’s like a reflex.

I mean, did you even read the OP? Are you following the read, or just knee-jerk reacting with B-b-b-b-b-but DEMOCRATS TOO!

The entire point of me posting what I did is that the OP of this thread claims that cheating and immorality in politics went “mainstream” because of Bill Clinton, and that because republicans “are more old-fashion, church, no drugs, hopeless romantic. Hmm, I wonder what party respect women more, and actually cheats less on their wives?”

The entire point of my post was “oh really? Here are some examples of republicans who not only got away with immorality, but are STILL propped up as important right-wing figures.”

I don’t know how that could have been more clear. It’s not a contest to see which party has the more amount of immorality.

But if you really want to get into that, Joanne-Weinstein was ousted. Spacey? He’s done. Rose? Gone. Bill? Impeached. Lauer? Gone. Conyers? Resigned. Weiner? Who? Oh yeah, the guy that literally no one but the right-wing keeps relevant.

Compare that to:

Gingrich-regular guest of our gracious host and his network, advised sitting president.
Trump-nominated to republican presidential ticket, elected president.
Giuliani-“America’s Mayor”-regular Fox guest, now presidential lawyer
Sanford-elected to House AFTER using taxpayer funds to disappear for a few days to visit his mistress in South America
And of course, a few others that don’t need to be mentioned but are still very relevant in their positions and very popular.

No doubt you can go find some names of (D)s who engaged in immoral conduct who are still in power, or who hung around in congress for a while. But since you didn’t name them, I can only go by the list of people you provided who have been held accountable for their actions.


Lol. Clinton??? Check your current president 3 marriages and countless affairs. Think before you write.