How Do You Know What God Has Planned for You?

Having experienced several not meant to be’s recently, how do you know what God DOES mean to be in your life?

I’ve prayed on the subject asking what IS it You want for me? What direction should be taken?

I believe God wants us to handle whatever it is life throws at us, approaching it in the most idealistic, perfect, and loving fashion possible. We learn through our struggles and failures which helps us in our approach to our future challenges. God wants us to know Him, and we learn to know God via love and perfection (or our attempts at aiming for both).

Another thought: If the choice is yours, you make the choice confident that God is interested in your choices and will be there for you throughout whatever the choices you make.

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When I was younger, I truly believed I could help The Lord save the world. As I grew older and realized the sheer impossibility of the task, I prayed and believe The Lord told me, I sent my Son to save the world Smyrna but all that I ask of you, I’ll have cross your path. Since that time, I work to keep my eyes and ears open and to have the courage to help those that cross my path. One of the lessons I’ve learned since then is, you can’t outgive The Lord. I’ve attempted to be a good steward of The Lord’s blessings and to use them for His endeavors. When it occurs to me I may have placed myself in a tight position, The Lord blesses me with even more to do His Will through my life and it’s an incredible thing to witness.

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Here’s an article that better helped to understand the question:

God may bring his creations closer to Him through struggles.

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There are over 7 billion people in the world. Any thought on how He is able to be there for everyone?

Is He there for you?

Yes He is.

He’s there in both blessings and challenges which test my character.

I have been very blessed to have been lead to the Taoist/Buddhist practice of qi gong meditation, which has been helpful as far as mental focus and provided pain relief for inflammation related health problems that western medicine has not.

That’s wonderful! A healthy spirit can contribute so much towards having a healthy body.

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In my many years on this fine Earth, I have learned one thing.

If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.

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Sometimes the interruption to plans can transfix a principal objective. Besides, we shouldn’t begrudge God a good laugh. :wink:

I have no idea, but I would say no unless I’ve beaten the odds and am number one on the list that contains the other 7 billion.

May want to consider the verse in Isaiah who spoke these words of God to a people whose hearts were far from Him:

Be ever hearing, but never understanding.

You don’t know.

That is correct.

God’s will for us is explained in scripture: to be conformed to the image of His Son, to prosper and be in health; to destroy the works of the devil; to do whatsoever Jesus taught his apostles to do; to love one another as Christ loves us…

Under the New Covenant God does not give cancer. The devil steals by lies the health Jesus purchased by his passion that we are to receive by faith in His word.