How do you know if you are a liberal or conservative?

Well after more than ten years of following politics along with discussing politics on line, I came to the conclusion that it depends on how you answer these types of questions.

Whose fault is it if my/a child is born in poverty?
Whose fault is it if my/a child does not graduate school?
Whose fault is it if my/a child gets involved in drugs?
Whose fault is it if my/a child joins a gang?
Whose fault is it if my/a child gets in trouble with the law?

If you say myself or the parents or government policies you are likely a conservative, if you say the system, poverty, the weather or whatever other external force that you can think of you are likely a liberal. To clarify this doesn’t mean that one’s view on it is necessarily 100%.

PS – By the use of the terms “liberal” and “conservative” I am using them in the modern connotative sense and not in a academic denotative or historical sense.

A lot of people who clam to be liberals, when confronted with Biden’s policies, don’t actually agree with many of them.

Which ones, exactly?

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Not sure I agree with any of that. Everyone is dealt a hand of cards. I believe it is what they choose to do with the hand they are dealt that is more indicative of their political leanings.

My friend Dave for one. And Brian. How many more do you want?


Don’t really care who’s fault it is. Those are all problems to solve. All of those children need help.


Is two a lot?

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How many more do you want?

Not sure if you followed the gist of my OP? Consider the very first question. Who’s fault is is if a child is born into poverty? How would you answer that?

Isn’t the society that has minimal of such situations better off than one that has a plethora of such situations?

Not here or in the media or any of the other forums I participated in the past. For the most part I find liberals and conservatives pretty monolithic.

Well the problem is that your “answers” are so simplistic as to be meaningless. I mean, I grew up in dire poverty in the ghetto because my dad left my mom, a housewife, with no money, few job prospects and three kids and it drove her to a legit mental breakdown when I was about five and she never came back out of it.

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A lot.

The answer to all of your questions is, “it depends”

Politics is not black or white. It’s grey.


A child’s society isn’t big enough to worry about that kind of thing. Whichever way provides the most help and relief for that child is the way my politics will lean.

I think that there are different viewpoints and conclusions that are based on both social and fiscal issues.
And then there is no one size fits all. For example, I am a social liberal but fairly conservative when it comes to fiscal issues.
And even then, one of the mistakes that conservatives make is broad brushing that liberals believe that all issues should be turned over to the government. When many times we liberals are saying that there are government resources that are good at being able to determine root causes of problems and provide good ideas about making it better. Most of my liberal friends are not for a expansion of government. We are for a leaner more efficient government.

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I was born into poverty. I don’t blame anyone. That was the hand I was dealt. So now the question I have to ask myself is what do I want to do with my life. In that regard, I’ve lived a long and prosperous life, and am now enjoying a comfortable retirement. I don’t dwell on my humble beginnings, but instead look with pride at what I’ve been able to accomplish, in spite of those humble beginnings.

I am a conservative and have voted Republican in every election.

So if you are still looking for an answer, I can’t help you there. What is the argument you are trying to make? Are you somehow implying that someone who lives in poverty shouldn’t be allowed to have children? I guess I’m confused by your line of questioning.

All I know libs aren’t either…Liberal or Conservative.

They’re authoritarians.

Interesting. There are books written on how conservatives are authoritarian. I tend to believe there are authoritarians on both sides. The political compass in my avatar highlights that.

Conservatives see value in maintaining systems that exceeds the risk of tearing them down. The system works, change is risky.

Liberals see little value in maintaining systems and the negatives warrant remodeling, reconstruction, or replacement. The system is irreparably broken, let’s replace or overhaul it.

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