How do I change my user ID?

Help! I can’t figure it out.


You mean your username?


Click on your profile picture a drop down menu should appear. Click on the silhouette of head and shoulders. Then click preferences. Then you should see your info to edit.

Members do not have access to change their username. A mod will have to go into your profile and do that for you.

And now lets see a barrage of can I change my user name requests :grinning:

Thank you for the response, I can get that far but there is no edit button so I guess it can’t be done.

Thanks again.

Thanks :+1:

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There was an open invite when the board changed formats.

I didn’t know it was still an option.

yes I took advantage of that at the time. I think its mod discretion but the blanket no response to change username makes sense because there would be constant requests.

But who really cares if mods allow some and not others. Not me says I.


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