“How can you not hate white people?”

asks Chris “i dont like the word ‘race’” Matthews

lol. what a network. putting on racist ■■■■■■■■ as hosts. has anyone really “woke” yet?


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And for the rest of time, that small group that couldn’t let go just kept whining.

What am I supposed to be outraged about?

“Broken” Record Democrat Player.

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Living though Jim Crow/Segergation very much made it hard for black people to trust white people.

This thread is brought to you by the word “context”


Aboriginal people had a similar stigmatization of white people due to the residential school system in Canada, it completely destroyed a generation of aboriginal people and we are only starting to heal the wounds.

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Its a very good question people of her generation that grew up during Jim Crow/Segregation very much have a negative view of government, and white people in general.

asking how she moved passed the basic human response of hatred and moved to bridge the gap is an important question something that is very much relevant when it comes to African American issues.

you would be stupid to think there isn’t a resentment among African American toward White American and the government.


Why would a black person who grew up with the antipathy of most whites to their plight, not to mention the outright hostility of many, not be perfectly justified in having some level of resentment?

Imagine growing up in the South during the Jim Crow Era. Now picture your neighbors looking at you in disgust not for anything you had done, but simply over the crime of having a certain level of melanin in your skin. Imagine having a decreased say in the direction of society based on that. Imagine roving bands of white men lynching and burning and marching while their families say at home in silent acceptance. Imagine to this very day looking around and seeing statues honoring racist traitors to the United States all around you because the white citizenry of those areas values them more than they do their black neighbors.

You would have to be a ■■■■■■■ saint not to be resentful.


and its important for her to explain to the younger generation how she overcame that resentment and took the path less traveled and pushed forward to bridge the gap between African and White Americans.

That is something African American youth need to hear.

Maybe, but it’s definitely not the job of a bunch of conservative white men to tell her how she should feel about growing up as a black woman in the 60s.


I liked her response:

“Most Americans do not conduct themselves that way, and most parents don’t conduct themselves that way,” Harris responded. “So there was no need to create a broad application because of that one experience, but we cannot deny that there are many children, black children in America who have had that experience. Children of color who have had that experience be they Latino, Asian or black. That has happened in America.”

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People just don’t seem to grasp that racism is a deep wound the knife might have been pulled out but wound is still there.

racial profiling, corrupt policing, etc these thing leave resentment and its so hard to break out of that mindset. The youth need strong leadership who can show them how to build bridges not burn them down.

and it need to come from within the community, not someone who has never experience it. we can only be allies to help them.

Iv seen whole generations of people destroyed by resentment it happen all the time on reservations.
but Iv also seen people rise above it on our local reservation one of my good friend is a youth leader and is trying to improve the lives of his tribe.

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And the letter, “Seven.”


you’d think it would make them distrustful of democrats too.

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sure. the actual context being, “how could you not hate white people” after dealing with segregation


Why…wouldn’t you put that in the title? It’s only in the linked article.

MDS: Media Derangement Syndrom


Hates too strong a word. Black people dont hate white people. Thats ridiculous. They maybe amused at them. They may distrust some of them. They may stereotype them. But hate is only fostered upon the individual deserving it. Like trump. Or Mitch

he asked that outright

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Its an important question.

You don’t think racial resentment exist in America currently?
You don’t think African American still have massive resentment toward White Americans.