How bad is the D Field of Presidential Candidates?

They are so poor and uninteresting that there is not a thread on last nights debate where Biden refused to admit that he and Hunter were in fact influence peddling…he gave the but Trump response. Very cute when Trump has been in DC politics for 3 years and Biden has been there for 5 decades.

They talked about the impeachment proceedings NOT being a distraction…and were distracted for the opening 20 minutes by the topic.

Went right back to ignoring immigration as an issue.

The only way they can get rid of Trump before 2024 is to hold secret hearings and lie to the media and hope to mass market Orange Man Bad…While our economy defies their efforts.

Big winner in last night’s D debate?

President Trump!!


Debates by their very nature are dull and boring.

Regardless of which side it is I find myself tuning out after a few minutes.

Between Trump and this pack of hyenas, I’d say we’re nearing the bottom 1/3 of The Big Barrel of Bat ■■■■ Crazy.


If there were only 3-6 well known candidates I could understand the apathy on the D side.

This was the first really good forum with all the top contenders and it was underwhelming.

The contrast with Trump rallies is startling.


They are so poor…Hillary says….I’ll be baaaack. :sunglasses:

Interestingly they share the same un-likeability characteristic she does.

The only one I kinda like is Tulsi and she got slammed for the position that abortion should be legal and rare.


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I agree. She is very sensible.

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A rally is not a debate.

Another thread and the Hillary Obsession Syndrome strikes again.

When she runs, will you come into this forum and tell everyone just how blind you are?

Are you under the impression that whats left of this forum is some indication of voter enthusiasm?

If you want to have something real to discuss, consider the polls that show there is one woman who could enter the ring and immediately claim the Democratic front runner position. And that is

wait for it…

Michelle Obama.

Let the outrage commence.

And if she doesn’t?

I believe it and libs would definitely vote for her.

I would think our anti-Trump members would at least pretend to be interested.


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Then I’ll come into this forum and announce how I see boogie men in the dark. :sunglasses:

By this time next year she’ll be at my ranch being fed chocolate covered strawberries, drinking champagne and listening to Barry White records. My tiger map is guaranteed delivery by Christmas. Amazon Prime Russia.


It actually is across the party line.

The debate is constant like the drone of a Trumpophobe.


Donald Trump’s debates the the best. He talks about grabbing ladies by body parts and paying off porn stars. Sending brown-skinned US individuals back to their own countries. Locking people up. Building a wall with US tax payer money. Repealing and replacing ObamaCare on day one. Siding with Putin over US. Praising murderous dictators. It sends tingles down the legs of Loyalists.


Simply too many people on the stage.

And all the low pollers were tying so hard to have a break out moment, it got pretty tiresome.

Bernie once again comes off as the most honest and sincere of the bunch, though Warren also seems deeply committed, and of course well informed.

Right now, Warren has my vote over Bernie simply because of the health issue.

Biden stumbled again, but I predict he wins the nomination.