House votes to condemn Trump...only 60 votes against the resolution

Among senators, Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s closest allies, said Trump’s decision will allow IS to reemerge and added that the president will “be held accountable.”

Graham said Trump’s decision “is against all sound military advice” and that he hopes Trump “will reconsider, stop the bloodshed and reset the table before it’s too late.”

Graham says that if Trump continues along those lines, “then our foreign policy is in a very bad spot in the Middle East and to those who think the Mideast doesn’t matter to America, remember 9/11 we had that same attitude on 9/10 2001.”

It seems to me that trump has miscalculated his support amongst his house majority with Lindsey Graham being the latest to take the plunge…SPLASH

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This is why. Since this text…i think it’s the first time he’s found his pair.


Why should I care what a never-Trumper, like Lindsey Graham, thinks?


How they voted:

It’s a coup.


obviously Hillary is threatening Lindseys family to force him to vote this way. Trump needs open an investigation to save this patriots family.

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Oh please flimsy Lindsey doesnt have a pair

Donnie must stay strong and stay the course of righteousness. :hamburger: :fries: :poultry_leg: :taco: :ice_cream:


exactly! he’s a useless never-trumper who needs to be drained.

Huh. Amash only answered present.

I noticed that too. ?

Graham is a spineless weasel. Doesn’t matter how much he tries to distance himself, he’s forever branded himself a little Trump toady.

Ooh burn.

Orchestrated by Deep State Russian fake collusion commie bootlickers!

Too bad Susan Collins didn’t have to take that vote.

Whoa! Lindsay getting one cojone back.

When he actually puts his vote to something substantial I’ll believe it.


I was sure that John McCain turned over in his grave when Graham started to brown-nose Trump.
And Trump went after him pretty hard today at the presser.
This might be the start of a few R’s in the Senate that might start to realize that they have hitched themselves to the wrong wagon.

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Fat donald is losing it.

25th for 45th

Just heard that Trump called Pelosi a “third rate politician”. Sounds to me like Trump is finally getting the message that the walls are closing in. And there is no where for him to run.

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