House, Senate release bipartisan agreement on government funding

It would include $886 billion for defense and $704 billion for nondefense spending, Johnson said.

Are we at war?

Protecting our border is the most important job of the federal government. If it can’t do that, then there should be no more funding until it can.


It is good to see speaker Johnson work in a bipartisan fashion.

Kudos to him.

Now I expect the crazies in his caucus to revolt.


Good to see Schumer work in a bipartisan fashion.

Kudos to him.

Now I expect the crazies in his caucus to revolt.


The difference is Schumer’s crazies (i.e. Warren & Sanders) won’t try to knife him in the back or overthrow him.

Johnson’s crazies (Gaetz, etc.) just might.


Johnson will have a one vote majority soon. It might get crazy.

If Republicans lose another member of the caucus to resignation, there is a distinct possibility Democrats could gain control mid year.

886 billion for defense?

Damn that will fund a bunch of Mideast and southeast Asian adventures.

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Looks like Mike Johnson disagrees but he also knows the reality is that government has to continue to function.

I think quite a few republicans are also realizing that every time they threaten a government shutdown it negatively affects the stock market. Which in turn affects the bottom lines of big corporate donors. And those donors are saying “Hey, why should we be giving money to people that are constantly screwing up our profits?”

The only reason they call it bypartisan is because of losers like Mittens and a few others like him.

How is an agreement between the Democratic Leader of the Senate and the Republican Speaker of the House anything but bipartisan???

Shoomer can’t get a “Bipartisan” votes in Senate without help from those.

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Not sure you understand what bipartisan means. The fact that Schumer needs assistance from Republicans in the Senate and has now got Republican leadership i.e. Mike Johnson on board means the funding bill has bipartisan support. If Republican senators want to continue to block it then thats on them.

But the Freedom Caucus is now in a position that it cannot scream for the head of Mike Johnson for very obvious reasons.

Bipartisan agreement on bills means that no one gets 100% of what they want which is what negotiations are all about.

Again…I am not an expert but the basic is this.

Schoomer can’t pass anything in Senate without bipartisan participation.
If losers like Mittens and a few others don’t side with him it can only pass in the senate with Ds. only if they have majority.
Congress can bring anything to Schoomer and if it doesn’t pass it dies right there. If Senate has Rs on board isn’t that a bipartisan passing of something?
In the Senate?

I thouth it was passed in the Senate with bipartisan vote.
Thank you for correcting me.

:point_up_2: This :point_up:

I’ve said this multiple times. When you insist on all-or-nothing, you get nothing. I don’t fault groups like Freedom Caucus (and their equivalent on the far left) for pushing, but there is a point where you have to recognize you’ve hit a limit and you have to take whatever incremental progress you can, and live to fight another day.

The new bill has some increments in the direction budget-cutters want. Given the narrow political margins in both chambers of Congress, there is not enough manpower (in either direction) to take any further ground.

In my opinion, the Freedom Caucus should be focusing on gathering more manpower in the 2024 elections. It’s what I would like to see. Being back-stabbers now will only serve to hurt their optics come November.


Oh boy - is Johnson in trouble?

This is a total failure,” the far-right House Freedom Caucus, a group of Republicans who have proved a thorn in the side of a series of G.O.P. speakers, wrote on social media.

“I am a NO to the Johnson Schumer budget deal,” Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, the right-wing Republican from Georgia, wrote on social media. “This $1.6 Trillion dollar budget agreement does nothing to secure the border, stop the invasion, or stop the weaponized government targeting Biden’s political enemies and innocent Americans.”

The backlash from the extreme right underscored anew that Mr. Johnson will most likely have to rely on substantial Democratic support to pass the spending bills underlying the agreement


Could just be early stage postering, but the right flank doesn’t seem to do that very well.