House Republicans propose more tax cuts

Less than 60 days from the mid-terms and House Republicans proposing more tax cuts. Tea Party Patriots, where are you? We need you now more than ever!

The measures would make permanent the lower individual rates from December, eliminate the maximum age for some retirement account contributions and let new businesses write off more start-up costs.

if you could only win votes with entitlement reform.

We need to experience the direct/indirect results from the first tax cuts before we go any further IMO. That should be around 10 months from now

And now we know why they didn’t just make the tax cuts permanent on the original bill …

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The house talking about permanent tax cuts for the Forgotten man right before an election. Shocking I tell you.


You mean those tax cuts that the tariffs killed and inflation killed?

Sure…this wont help you in November

Awesome. Just do it.

Be nice to get democrats on record as against making tax cuts for the poor and middle class permanent, since they are still trying to pretend republicans are to blame for them not being permanent while ignoring they were only temporary because of democrats.

GOP thinks their base is dumb.

They might be on to something.

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No, the GOP base knows why the middle class tax cuts weren’t made permanent, the DNC base apparently doesn’t, so they need to be educated that elected democrats are against them being permanent.

the base is dumb. that’s why is was so easy for Republican media to pivot away from the topic of the national debt.

well, that and one more very important thing.

Even the smart ones can be dumb.

Although that’s true for both parties.

The main difference is the party leadership (especially Trump) believes their dumb too and they’re willing to take advantage of it.

Totally down for middle class tax cuts being permanent. Just raise the top 4 brackets, raise corporate tax to 25-27%, and remove the cap on the SS payroll tax. That way we mitigate that ridiculous amount of deficit spending the GOP has caused. You know, fiscal responsibility.

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That’s not a major difference.

Both parties depend on a lot of dumb supporters

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We’re seeing the results now. We will see even more shortly after April 15.

Not sure why you call out Tea Party Patriots.

Tea Party would support tax cuts.

Where the Tea Party is needed is in spurring spending cuts. There doesn’t seem to be much voice for that at any level of government.

Conveniently, they’re not talking about either.


The Tea Party is dead…
Long live the Covfefe Party…

IMO…The Tea Party was 20% government spending and 80% identity politics…

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