House questions Volker as impeachment probe ramps up

Another unpatriotic deep state spy trying to take down our great President. Why don’t these people want America to be great. Freedom will ring loudly and bigly with a Trump victory in 2020

Mr. President, the country stands with you against all enemies - foreign and domestic. :us:

Fake impeachment.


There is no impeachment in process. That’s fake news…

These traitors need to be rounded up and tried for treason; how dare they defy King Trump.

The squad is too busy making T-shirts for Rash.

The reason dem have no new talking points today is because the fake impeachment is helping Trump. Rush says the mammoth polls shows Trump up with independants at the height of this new fake news attack

Time for a new strategy…


DENNISON and PENCE, 2020!!!

Odd. RCP (even Rasmussen) and 538 both show him down from last week. Even from yesterday.

How can something that has not happened yet be fake?

The Mammoth poll? That must be a HUGE poll. I’m guessing you mean Monmouth. Latest Monmouth from two days ago has him -10 approval.


The mammoth poll only polls elephants. No donkeys were polled.


Rush says - how nice that Trump supporters are at least honest who they take their talking points from.