House now voting to condemn QAnon & conspiracy theories

I take no pleasure in your discomfort.

It only had three GOP cosponsers but DEMOCRATS!!!


So not only have they passed one bill, they have in fact passed multiple bills and the passage is being delayed by the Senate which is not controlled by Democrats.

Your quotes are proving that your own topic is wrong.

The chamber approved the legislation in a 214-207 vote. Eighteen Democrats voted against the measure

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And yet it still passed. Funny how that works.

They missed a golden opportunity to include the Green New Deal in this legislation.

Why would Democrats vote against a bill that was initiated by their party? What do you think they thought was wrong with it?

There are millions of Qanon followers, according to a brief google search I did. Are the Democrats trying to alienate millions of Trump supporters? What is their crime?

The Qult is insane; but what makes it terrible is the comprehensive redeployment of anti-semitic tropes throughout.

Thank God they gave their opinion on Qanon. The entire nation has been waiting in suspense for just this moment. :rofl:


I mean hey, these are perfectly reasonable beliefs that there is an international canal of satanic cannibalistic pedophile Jews and Democrats and Donald Trump is secretly the only one fighting them. Who would want that kind of support?

So they condemned them. :rofl:

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I agree. Most important legislation since the Senate held hearings on steroid use in baseball.


Thank goodness. We are safe from buildings being burned down by Qanon, or cars being attacked, or Qanon looters.
Not that they have done any of that.
But if they had, they would stop now.


Looks like trolls at 4chan win again, on things to get the media fired up and posting about. They made it is outlandish as could be yet here we are. If only the left could have their own troll sub 4chan, instead of just left with Jessee Smollett to get the hoaxes doing the rounds.

This isn’t trolling. People twisted up by this conspiracy are kidnapping and murdering.


Sure it can. It is just in different form than it started out in.