House GOP turns Civil War battlefield bill into last minute tax cut plan

“One of the more controversial provisions is a change to the “Johnson Amendment,” which keeps religious groups from endorsing and contributing to political candidates, a plan GOP lawmakers have long sought to change.”

Civil War battlefield bill to tax cut bill which includes changing the Johnson Amendment. Very odd.

Oh, I didn’t see anything about how this would affect our debt.

Any word yet on when they’re voting on that huge bigly beneficial Trumpcare plan that will cover everyone?


We need a constitutional amendment that states that congressional bills can only contain legislation pertains to one issue.

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GOP desperately trying to bailout their sinking ship by changing the Johnson Amendment. If religious organizations want to endorse candidates and contribute to their campaigns, they can give up their tax exempt status and do so.

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When dems start passing bills in the house the left will know nothing about the fine details in them

Good luck with that. Has about as much chance as a line item veto. Congress loves their pork.

… and their power.

PS: I’m all for repeal of the Johnson Amendment, but not implementing it this way.

PS: the Johnson Amendment was, itself, slipped into a larger bill, without debate. But at least it was slipped into a larger tax code bill…