Hopefully, Trump goes ahead and pardons boxer Jack Johnson

At the urging of Sylvester Stallone, Trump has indicated he is considering pardoning early 20th Century boxer Jack Johnson. Johnson, who was black, beat a white boxer. This led to race riots and brought the fury of the white supremacists upon Johnson. The Federal Government concocted a bull **** charge of violating the Mann Act (transporting women across state lines for immoral purposes) and got a conviction when they dug up a false victim. Johnson ultimately served 10 months in Federal Prison. He died in 1946.

People have been calling for a posthumous pardon for years now. For some reason, Obama never issued the pardon.

Hopefully, Trump will step up and issue this pardon and clear this man’s name for good.

This is a sad example of retaliatory and racially motivated prosecution.

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I agree. Should have been done years ago.

Why do this for someone that’s already dead? Wouldn’t it be better to spend the time and resources for the living? Everyone knows what they did to Jack Johnson was wrong, but this is on the edge of sillyness.

I thought libs believe in correcting the mistakes from our past?

The guy has been dead for 70 years! lol! Seriously, who gives a crap at this point?

So what. You guys want to tear down monument of our past.

Here’s where the massive goal posting movement begins. Lol! Stick to the subject.

You don’t get to tell me what to do lib.

Not telling you…demanding you! Lol! JK. It’s good to be here debating in the new forum with you vrazy trump huggers again.

Signing a certificate is HARDLY a waste of time or resources. I would take about 5 seconds of Trump’s time and a half sheet of paper.

There are NO excuses not to do this and many compelling reasons to do it.

I’m with you.

Sounds like the right thing to do.

Perhaps President Barack Obama did not even receive a request for the posthumous pardon of Mr. Johnson?

Perhaps if he did he might have considered a pardon as an exoneration of Mr. Johnson but worse an erasure of what had so wrongfully been done to the man?

Maybe he saw a pardon as a greater exoneration of the people and the legal system who and that victimized Mr. Johnson?

Again, perhaps President Obama was not presented with a proper pardon request for Mr. Johnson?

If Fat Donald gets wind of this and thinks it is one more way to dig at President Obama’s legacy I have little doubt he would pardon Mr. Johnson, posthumously.

This Lib believes in not making the same mistakes as in the past.

Removing statues and memorials from our public places; removing icons that glorify traitorous people and glorify treasonous acts; these are not processes of “correcting the mistakes from our past” but are the deeds of rational people who choose not to psuedo deify the traitors and their treasons, not just to Country but to God.

It might help if there actually was a clemency petition for Mr. John “Jack” Arthur Johnson filed with the clemency board. I just checked, and there is no such pending request for either John Johnson nor for any Jack Johnson?

That’ll piss off the Storm Fronters.

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The clemency petition process applies only to living defendants, filed either by the defendant himself or by the attorney for the defendant.

Posthumous pardons are always the result of public or political lobbying.

I don’t agree.

It is well known that I am not a member of Trump’s fan club. :slight_smile:

But I believe Trump’s interest in this, after Stallone brought it to his attention, is genuine.

I am willing to give Trump his due on those occasions he actually deserves it.

So Fat Donald pardons a dead man who was horribly victimized by folks that Fat Donald himself would view as “really fine people”.

What a hollow cause for praise.