Hopeful news in North Carolina Congressional District 11 and other North Carolina races

Only 2 of 275 precincts reporting in North Carolina Congressional District 11, plus early and absentee votes.

An incumbent running in second place at only 27.31% is damned significant. If nobody wins a majority, which is the appearance, Edwards and Cawthorn would advance to a runoff on July 26. But given many of those votes for the other candidates are “anybody but Cawthorn” votes, the strong likelihood is that most of those will shift to Edwards in the runoff.

While it is disturbing to see him getting the number of votes he is getting, it is also good to see the number of people voting against him.

Chuck Edwards REP 14,543 37.98%
Madison Cawthorn REP 10,455 27.31%
Matthew Burril REP 3,561 9.30%
Rod Honeycutt REP 2,537 6.63%
Bruce O’Connell REP 2,536 6.62%
Wendy Marie-Limbaugh Nevarez REP 2,222 5.80%
Michele V. Woodhouse REP 1,863 4.87%
Kristie Sluder REP 572 1.49%

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Looks like Ted Budd will take the Republican Senate nomination outright tonight.

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My Congresswoman Virginia Foxx is cruising to easy renomination in NC CD #5.

Actually, I believe it would be possible for Edwards to win outright tonight, even without an outright majority.

With 270 of 275 precincts reporting.

Chuck Edwards REP 29,228 33.49%
Madison Cawthorn REP 27,689 31.72%
Matthew Burril REP 8,289 9.50%
Bruce O’Connell REP 5,997 6.87%
Rod Honeycutt REP 5,704 6.53%
Michele V. Woodhouse REP 4,614 5.29%
Wendy Marie-Limbaugh Nevarez REP 4,472 5.12%
Kristie Sluder REP 1,293 1.48%

Cawthorn did better among voters voting on Election Day, while Edwards did better with early voters and absentee voters. But with only 5 precincts to go.

This is an absolutely horrendous night for Cawthorn. He could not even manage to win a plurality as an incumbent. And frankly, he needed to win outright tonight. It is likely that the vast majority of voters voting for the other candidates tonight will switch to Edwards. Cawthorn’s loyalist base voted for him tonight. Pretty much everybody else is in the “anyone but Cawthorn” category.

Edwards will clearly be the favorite on July 26th.

The results from Rutherford County, Cawthorn’s home county and base, are indicative. Cawthorn could not even clear a majority in his home county, which was his strongest county tonight.

Rutheford County final results:

Choice Total Votes Percent Election Day Absentee One-Stop Absentee By-Mail Provisional
Madison Cawthorn 1,498 47.30% 887 607 4 0
Chuck Edwards 834 26.33% 481 340 13 0
Matthew Burril 222 7.01% 129 91 2 0
Bruce O’Connell 151 4.77% 81 69 1 0
Rod Honeycutt 140 4.42% 88 49 3 0
Wendy Marie-Limbaugh Nevarez 137 4.33% 65 68 4 0
Michele V. Woodhouse 129 4.07% 73 54 2 0
Kristie Sluder 56 1.77% 19 36 1 0

It is all over Cawthorn has conceded.

North Carolina runoff rules are a wee bit different than elsewhere, if a candidate gets the highest plurality of votes and has more than 30% of the votes, he wins outright.

Which means it was very close, but in the end, the Republicans managed to shed a major liability.

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And with all 275 precincts reporting:

Chuck Edwards REP 29,411 33.40%
Madison Cawthorn REP 28,092 31.90%
Matthew Burril REP 8,314 9.44%
Bruce O’Connell REP 6,031 6.85%
Rod Honeycutt REP 5,752 6.53%
Michele V. Woodhouse REP 4,663 5.30%
Wendy Marie-Limbaugh Nevarez REP 4,491 5.10%
Kristie Sluder REP 1,305 1.48%

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Oh good. We’re almost towards the end of Cawthorn Derangement. :rofl:

Not quite.

Cawthorn is still deranged.

He just won’t have an office anymore.


Cawthorn is now tweeting about “Dark MAGA”, whatever that is.

Obviously some made up Lib thing like GRT.