Hoo boy! Welcome to the Sara Sub Forum Part Deux

So, how many Saralanders figured it out? Woulda been nice to have a little warning on the matter…but no matter. Leave a comment here if you’re here. You will be function limited until you make some comments so get crackin’.

If you’re here you’re gonna find out real quick that you ain’t in beloved Kansas any more. Buckle up.

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Figured what out?

Warning about what matter?

What do you mean by this?

Hello MrOT. This isn’t these nicest group of folks here. We’ll see how things go

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Did you come over from the Sara A Carter forums? Was hoping to find some of the regulars here.

I’ve heard this before.

Yes myself & MrOT so far. There are some haters in here, but I’ll stand my ground with them. Hope all is will with you.

Well, well, well, finally found it.

Does anyone know why Sara Carter dropped her own forum page and just linked to the Sean Hannity forum page right after the Democrats took back the House of Representatives in November, rendering her Republican lie-leakers in the House useless?

And is it possibly related to what we are just now learning about, about how many forums and internet/social media accounts of all types were subject to Russian propaganda and subversion, jksut like i noted on Sara Carter’s forum?