Honest Brokers- Hamas

If you are thinking of what Trump said …no…I wouldn’t put Hamas in the same basket of deplorables.
There are no hordes of animals raping and beheading children among people here who Trump was talking about. I am sure Trump would never say same for Hamas.
Beheading children and putting the heads on wood poles for others to view was favorable act of savages when Otoman ruled the Europe for almost 7 Centuries.
Hamas was desparate and also wanted to gain the sympathy of the World by agreeing to this deal. Not because of the goodness of their heart.
They are going to stretch this ‘exchange’ to drips and drabs as long as they can as a part of a psycholpgical war-fare.
I think Israel will finaly get tired of this manipulation and I guarantee you the fighting will be
“re started by Israel breaking the truce”.
That’s how it will be presented/orchestrated by Hamas and the stupid around the World will erupt in protests AGAIN.

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First American released, Joe Biden’s tireless efforts delivering.





Israeli people returned also :dove:



Some of the Palis being returned for Irsaeli hostages…

Shurouq Dweiyat, a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem’s Sur Baher neighborhood, was convicted of attempted murder in Jerusalem’s Old City, after she sought to stab two Jews in October 2015 and wounded one of them. She was imprisoned for eight years.

Amani Al-Hashim, a 31-year-old female Palestinian from East Jerusalem attempted to run over Israeli security forces with her car at the Qalandiya checkpoint on Dec. 13, 2016. Israeli forces opened fire, at which point she got out of the car with a knife and started shouting, “Allahu Akbar” before being arrested. Al-Hashim was serving a sentence of 10 years. She was in prison for seven years.

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That’s on Netanyahu.

No it is not, my friend

J’Biden has no scrot. Everyone knows Iran is behind the 10/7 butchering and kidnapping. Asswipeius should have given Iran an ultimatum to tell their proxies to release all Americans if not all hostages within 8 hours. If not, begin the elimination of Iran’s navy and AF.
No balls

Netanyahu shipped them to Hamas and created this hostage crisis?

They were not releised for humanitarien reasons nor Hamas’s goodness of their hearts.
Neither because Biden had any bargaining chips to force them with.

They were trapped in the tunnels for nearly a month and ran out of fuel and supplys, which I believe they will steal from Palestinians now that 200 trucks are rolling in each day.

They HAD to give up hostages.
It took a month to make this deal happen.
As they have less and less of hostages left they will try to streach it as long as possible.
We may see 5-6 a day or less…I believe not all 240 they claim they have are all alive, sad to say, so I believe Israel will eventualy say…ENOUGH.
ALL…or we’ll restart the ofencive. They will have to.
dragging it indefinitely won’t work.

Hamas will then say…AHA…look who is braking the agreements.
And the stupid will protest and paint the walls of the WH wall with red again.

That’s how the animals do it.

“…tireless efforts…” ???.. :rofl:

Biden was at home shopping and celebrating Thanksgiving…
he wasn’t in the War-room.
He even waited more than a day to call Natenahu and thank him for the little girl Abigail.
And WHAT about 30 Americans that were killed on 10/07/23 ???
NOONE even TALKS about them.
Where are their names?
Did he visit THOSE families?

Of course he said that, did you expect him to say anything different?

He wants us to keep sending finds, arms, and our Navy/Marine Corps off the coasts…

You ever hear a politician say “we say one thing in public, but the truth in private”?
This is why I take what a politician says with a grain of salt as the saying goes.

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No sane president can live up to this. You’re just looking for an excuse to jump into war with Iran.

I feel like that stuff should be weighed far more heavily in this discussion.

Why don’t you open a separate topic on your focus for discussion. This topic is really about whether HAMAS can be honest in negotiations. Your focus appears to be more on what part, if any the US and its armed forces should play in this conflict. I think it would be an interesting and valuable discussion.

clasic one is open mike and Obama sending a message to Putin:

[…Let me get reelected and I will take care of it…].

The 75+ attacks on US Forces in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq by Iran proxies are called what again?
Wake up and smell the coffee, we’re already at war with Iran.

Yes, agreed. It’s obviously a political statement. On the other hand, it’s also clear that the US government is playing a large role in the effort to free hostages.

very good to see the terrorists releasing the hostages.

still very bad to take them in the first place.