Homeless Democrats flooding into San Francisco

So the homeless are flooding in because San Francisco Liberals are welcoming them and making things great for them. They think that this will fix the homeless problem. Won’t the silly libs be surprised when their actions simply cause an even bigger tidal wave of homeless to go to San Francisco.

To combat the homeless problem in San Francisco, Breed [the new mayor] wants to, among other things, improve hospital and hospice care for the homeless, open safe injection sites for drug users, have medical teams on the streets deal with overdoses and construct permanent housing for the city’s homeless.


Sure, why not, its all free. She just goes out and picks money off trees… or rather… has the Mexicans do the picking.

Decent Mexicans… even illegals… won’t want anything to do with that cesspool.

The homeless are Republicans.

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How do you know the homeless are Democrats?

They are deadbeat republicans from failing red states, everyone knows that.

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Failing red states coming to live rent free in sunny CA, such a shame.


There are more homeless there than people who voted for trump in 2016.

Impossible, homeless are Trump voters…

Hopefully we can get more homeless into California so we can turn the state red again.

Thank God Ish finally decided to stop trolling.


When Democrats see problems they work towards allievating those problems.

When Republicans see problems they give massive tax breaks to the extremely wealthy.

Yeah, but, tax breaks for the extremely wealthy solve all problems. Don’t you believe in trickle down philosophy?

Let’s hope San Francisco or any other city will help the homeless.

Helping the homeless is now liberal policy? what would the OP do.

so homeless people are moving to an area in which the government is willing to help them?

Good luck with that, we’re having enough trouble helping the homeless we already have.

Presumably, OP would prefer it if the homeless just ■■■■■■ off and died, as it says quite clearly in Proverbs 6:43.

I dont really follow the news, just what I see here. I just respond to some of the stupid ■■■■ I see here.

I commend her efforts. She’s attempting to do something regarding a problem she has little control over but is affecting everybody…not just the homeless. She’s walking a fine line though. I agree with the OP that this may exacerbate the problem? I also don’t think that the reduction in tourism is just due to homelessness. I’d say that the Kate Steinle verdict also has had a negative impact on the tourism industry. Either way, her compassion is to be admired…not ridiculed.