Holy Smokes! Today's Employment report from bls.gov: TWO-THIRDS of US jobs created this year went to persons born abroad

Some things you should not believe unless you see it with your own eyes.

Please check out today’s bls.gov “Employment Situation” report for yourself.

Specific page here:

Top of report here:


IIRC we currently have a labor shortage. What exactly did you think they were going to hire?


Your math is correct. Thank you for paying attention in elementary school.


Oooh I thought maybe inflation would lead to
Americans being hired,
higher wages
(that sort of thing.)

Free market supply-and-demand
Whatever we have now.


Again, who? The only Americans left out there are old farts like me. Do you really want them working for you? :rofl:

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3 chicks racist

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Do we?

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You really don’t understand supply and demand do you?

It’s not like demand is a single immobile point.

When demand (for labor) is high employers face two choices
1.) Increase wages (good for Americans)
2.) Import labor (good for the numbers, good for appearances, but pure window dressing)

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Another law, not being enforced, that was agreed to after legalizing millions and millions of illegal immigrants. Our federal government is out of control.


6% of black nation are unemployed. Leading, as always.

Just a reminder from last months report

I wonder what black unemployment would be if 60% of new jobs had NOT gone to persons born abroad.

Is this supposed to be shocking? It seems like things are going according to plan.


Wages are going up, and still nobody is applying.

So option B has to happen. Either that or AI.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has been cooking the books for many months in an apparent attempt to make Biden look better. They issue optimistic numbers (blue) and then quietly revise them downward later (brown).

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Does foreign born mean not American?

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The plan for legal immigrants to support themselves by working?

Also those who are bringing up illegals immigration in this thread. I am not saying the op did but those who are think about what the bls calculates and whether it calculates illegally hired workers…. Then try again.

No, it just means immigrant.

Gaius is looking at this like a scandal, and my response is ‘well, what else are you going to hire when there are no native born citizens available to hire?’

Right now, there are like 1.5 jobs available for each unemployed person. It’s easy to figure out what’s going on when you have full context.



(from the above)