Hollywood Doesn't Want White Actors, Say Movie Execs

According to Movie Execs they dont want anymore white actors or white guys in movies anymore. I am not sure how this helps creates the illison of “Diverse” or helps end racism by creating more racism. But if Hollywood goes with this. I dont see how Hollywood walks out of it. Financially successfully.

In Calif they are already getting rid of white voices and wont allow white voice actors to voice “Diverse characters” which in my opinion is idiotic.


From the video or article that they are quoting from.

I can tell you, we are hiring people based purely on ethnicity, gender and social media profiles.
If you are brown and female and gay then come on in. We are al getting diversity hiring/gaining.

I dont see how this is acceptable by just hiring people of their race, or social media profile this is wrong. They should be hiring based on their qualifications not identity.

White people will still be in movies.

Don’t worry.

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How do you feel about there finally being a black lead on the Bachelor?

Sure you mean like being in none important roles right?

“barley seen actors”
“None important roles”

Leftist Hollywood wants to treat white actors the same way blacks were treated in the past. Thats the way i am seeing it.

White people will still be in movies.

They will play White people.

White people’s stories will still be told.

Nothing to panic about.

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I have heard this one before…

“Chill the comics arent dying”
Yes they are.

Yes because the entertainment industry will go against its self interest and bottom line.

But why do you feel this way?

What makes Hollywood think that Woke Movies, series that had being swapped for a “Interest” would succeed?

Which comics?

They want to treat minority actors and actresses with respect and give them more opportunities?

To quote a classic movie …

“The horror … the horror”

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Market testing and focus groups?

Considering the industry itself is already dying. DC Comics and Marvels. Last time i checked last year before the virus hit Marvels wasn’t doing very well with its sell on its comics including Capt Marvels.

Man white people just can’t seem to catch a break anymore.


HBO’s Watchmen was excellent.

Some of the most compelling television made in a while.

It was a good build on the source material and takes a new look at something that has been around for a couple of decades.

It was also pretty “woke”

If the story is good and done well, then people will enjoy it.

The thing is that 95% of the media that is produced is crap.

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They want to treat minority actors and actresses with respect and give them more opportunities?
Race swapping characters is not giving them respect or opportunities.

Hows that Dr Who series going?

Well, wasn’t it inevitable after Hamilton?

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Print is dying in all forms.

They will adjust and figure it out.

Anything produced out of Hollywood in today society is 100% crap. Let alone unoriginal race changing of characters and calling it “New”

Its clear Hollywood is dying of its writers who cant write a good story anymore.Its no wonder why they are making a series on the video games they lack Ideas.

I have no idea.

They’ve been making shows based on video games for like 30 years.