Hoax Papers 2018

Found the Rogan podcast with these guys and it is hilarious what they were able to do to the intersectional infrastructure in academia.

They won an award for a fake paper that fed the bias of the DEI braintrust.

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If you are interested in the podcast.

Rather than shaming journals into doing better or dismissing entire fields, researchers are collaborating across disciplines, taking a hard, critical look at what’s causing the problem and finding practical solutions.

Maybe the problem is people are out of their freaking gourds! The practical solution is to dismiss their foolish notions.


I think its remarkable we have not heard more about this.

The podcast was pretty funny.

I don’t know when entertaining stupidity became a social norm, but those people can shove that nonsense right up their asses. :rofl:


This episode is so funny I am listening to it twice.

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