HILLARY'S HEALTH: Clinton Goes on Prolonged Coughing Fit During UK Visit

Originally published at: HILLARY’S HEALTH: Clinton Goes on Prolonged Coughing Fit During UK Visit | Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton brought her trademark “coughing fit” to the United Kingdom this week; scaring aides and supporters who scrambled to find her a bottle of water while visiting a local university.

The former Secretary of State was visiting Mansfield College Monday when she launched into her minor medical scare; reminding American voters of her mysterious coughing episodes during her 2016 campaign for the White House.

Hillary’s prolonged coughing fits became the focus of media scrutiny during the 2016 election, with many questioning the Democratic candidate’s health after she apparently fainted during a September 11th, 2001 memorial event in New York City.

DNC chief Donna Brazile went so far as to create a Democrat back-up plan should Clinton be forced to abandon her bid for the White House.

I’m glad we escaped a President who occasionally coughs so we could instead get saddled with an ignorant, monstrous, egomaniac who can’t even make it through a single day without lying to the American people about something either trivial or extremely serious.


That’s a coughing “fit”?


This is important.

I am starting to wonder if the Hannity Admin is a Russian plant

Posted 3 times on the first page…? Some kind of bot.

Someone coughing is news now? Slow news day?

who writes these? Cratic or Conan?


In other news, Obama had a sneeze attack last spring. He sneezed 9 times in a row!!

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Just an alert everyone - I’m about to sneeze.

I’m so glad she wasn’t elected. I can’t stand the guy at work who can’t stop coughing all the time. Drink some water, for gosh sake. There’s a water cooler 20ft away.