HILLARY HUDDLES: Clinton Holds Private Talks with Warren, Harris, Booker, Biden, MORE | Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sparked new speculation she plans to get involved in the 2020 election in a major way this week; holding private conversations with top Democratic candidates as the primary season officially kicks-off.

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Slimy Hilliary isn’t giving advice on how to handle POTUS. It’s to early for that. The other candidates need to beat their competitors first. Hilliary is going to run & is seeking their support. (Or she’ll have them commit suicide).

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Three cheers for Hillary as she spreads her poison. Everything she touches turns to crap. If I were running for office, I wouldn’t allow her anywhere near me. Any intelligent person should know that you don’t go to a self-agrandising, perpetual failure for advice.

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Democrats don’t just “fade away”
after being exposed as criminals, as normal people usually do. After thinking that they’re getting away with something, they become even more arrogant. This is why Clinton needs to be prosecuted for her crimes NOW.

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Let’s hope that none of these candidates are dense enough to add her to their ticket. Take it from there.

“How to Cheat, Lie, Steal & Still Lose”
by Hillary Clinton

Losers huddling with a loser. Makes perfect sense.

Hope they do! Then they can negotiate who will throw her in the Scooby van like a sack of potatoes when she falls down.

You all have to understand that Democrats, Especially Hillary Clinton is like poison Oak…The poison keep spreading and that’s what’s happening with all Democrats. I hope all Democrat voters wake up and see what democrats stand for. My prayers go for Our President Donald J. Trump.

I agree. Hillary is probably telling all of them she’ll pick them for VP, before she disposes of them however she deems fit.